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On Europe’s borders

Geopolitics, Society

The current migratory crisis and the Lampedusa tragedy should remind anyone who has forgotten one of the major, deliberate shortcomings of the European project: the stubborn refusal of the founding fathers to define borders, and to give themselves the means…

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Being hungry, in France


Far too many French people go to bed hungry, then leave for school or work. Although much has been done to provide students with cheap meals, and to offer breakfasts in crèches, the cry of alarm launched by the president…

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Anti-Semitism, at the vanguard of barbarity


What is happening in France is very worrying, and not just for Jews. Anti-Semitism, whether cynically proclaimed by a few thugs (rappers in search of an audience, mediocre polemicists, talentless comedians), or cowardly assumed by certain leaders of supposedly democratic…

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The new sex economy


Could you name a 100% private company, which has never raised money from anyone, which is valued in 2023 18 billion dollars, or 8 times more than in 2020? Would you have any more ideas if I specify that this…

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The four Titanic


The metaphor is so obvious that we hesitate to use it: watching a small tourist submarine, ironically named “Titan”, wander into the vicinity of the wreck of the Titanic, on an obscene observation trip, as if hoping to catch a…

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Thinking really big


Everyone knows and everyone says that the challenges and threats we face are global and enormous. And the answers? They stammer. Timid. Local. Helpful. Necessary. Encouraging. But not up to the challenge. In the past, humanity has thought big. And,…

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Nothing is more realistic than utopia


Utopia is not impossible. It is even the only realistic path left to us. In fact, we must reject the permanent, haunting discourse, which is posed as an indisputable fact, which opposes production and climate, abundance and social justice, economic…