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Do not get carried away by vertigo


It is fashionable today to say that, whatever we do, nothing will happen in France for the rest of the current president’s term, and that the election of Marine Le Pen is assured. We can see people preparing for this,…

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Escaping the Stefan Zweig syndrome


What happens in the United States is always doubly fundamental for the rest of the world: firstly, because it is the world’s leading power and will remain so for a long time to come. Secondly, because developments in its society,…

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The mithridatisation of the world


We know the story of the Greek king Mithridates, king of Pontus (a kingdom in part of present-day Turkey), who supposedly tried to make himself immune to all poisons by taking small doses at regular intervals; legend has it that…

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But what on earth was he doing in this mess?!


If, in ten years’ time, it occurs to someone to take stock of the French situation at the beginning of 2023, as many foreign friends of France are doing today, it will be difficult to understand why the country has…

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Fashion: tyranny or liberation?


Sometimes it is necessary to take a step aside and try to decipher the world from data other than the major economic indicators, the main preoccupation of observers and power players. Having done so by studying some apparently marginal activities…

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The main reform is not about pension, but about labour


The permanent imbalance of pension schemes in all countries is the consequence of good news: life expectancy is improving and more and more financial resources must be devoted to financing the lives of those who no longer work. Although almost…

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Confronting the far right


In France, almost all political leaders are now resigned, in public or in private, to predicting the election of Marine Le Pen in 2027. Some are reassured by hoping that the far-right party will not win the subsequent legislative elections….

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There are universal values and we must defend them


For my taste, we have been hearing too much for some time now, and all over the world, a discourse questioning the very existence of universal values and the need to defend them. In Turkey, Russia, China, Africa, India, Iran,…