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Attracting talents


The strength of a nation is measured by many criteria. And there is one that we do not pay enough attention to even though it is essential: the ability to retain and attract talent. The ranking provided since 2013 by…

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A serious job

Prospective, Society

Since Ancien history, parents have preferred to teach their children what they know, rather than entrusting them to specialized institutions. This is even how agricultural, rural and craft skills were passed on. And it wasn’t until the 17th century, in…

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Food crisis: a crisis regime?


No government is legitimate unless it can ensure healthy, affordable food for all its citizens. And many governments around the world have faced or are facing a food crisis. Sometimes, it goes even further, when this seemingly specific crisis reveals…

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Is the falling birth rate inevitable?


Is the reduction in the number of births in France really bad news? First of all, in this area, as in so many others, France is not a special case. The birth rate is plummeting in Japan, Korea, Germany, Italy,…

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Bhutan, a country with great awareness

Geopolitics, Society

Imagine a magnificent country, with extraordinary landscapes, a great religious tradition, heritage treasures, a harmonious way of life, very high energy production with no greenhouse gas emissions, a democratic parliamentary system with an all-powerful leader on key issues, growth at…

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It was not all bad news…

Prospective, Society

For many, and rightly so, 2023 will be remembered as the year of barbarity, war and the retreat of the rule of law. A gloomy atmosphere reigns on the planet, and many deduce that much worse lies ahead. And yet,…

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Giving the future back to those it belongs to

Prospective, Society

Nothing is worse than acting in a hurry, without means or reflection. And the reforms proposed for French national education today, however attractive they may seem, will, when analyzed later, be denounced as reactionary and old-fashioned. On the face of…

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Today’s problems, tomorrow’s scandals

Prospective, Society

Great progress has recently been made in a part of the world to reduce gender wage inequalities and finally to seriously combat violence against women; thanks, for the most part, to the struggle of women themselves, increasingly free, powerful, united…

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In the meantime

Prospective, Society

Since October 7, the world has watched in amazement (to denounce or celebrate) the monstrous barbarism of Hamas terrorists, their obvious pleasure in torturing, raping, murdering women and children, and the ruthless reaction of an Israeli government that, to put…