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New Caledonia, weak signals


What is happening in New Caledonia is not just a local tragedy. Nor is it the sign of a failure to manage a perfectly predictable crisis. It should also be an opportunity to become aware – with much delay for…

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In view of the outcry provoked by the French President’s announcement of the need to prepare for the eventuality of having to send French troops into combat in Ukraine, it is very easy and very tempting to draw a parallel…

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Urgent ceasefire is needed!


History teaches us that a society that bases its survival on the strength and exploitation of its neighbors is doomed to disappear: the formidable troops of Sparta were not routed, in the 5th century BC, by the armies of Athens,…

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Bhutan, a country with great awareness

Geopolitics, Society

Imagine a magnificent country, with extraordinary landscapes, a great religious tradition, heritage treasures, a harmonious way of life, very high energy production with no greenhouse gas emissions, a democratic parliamentary system with an all-powerful leader on key issues, growth at…

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The deceptive success of the COP 28

Geopolitics, Prospective

Despite the shouts of glory that will have triggered the publication of its final declaration, the COP 28, which has just ended, will have decided nothing serious. The 200 delegations, gathered around 100,000 participants, will have managed to agree only…

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COP28 or COP Zero ?

Geopolitics, Prospective

It all began in 1992 when 178 countries, meeting in Rio de Janeiro for the UN Ten-Year Conference on Environment and Development, signed a declaration and convention giving a first official definition of sustainable development and expressing the need to…

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The three murderers of humanity


If, one day, it becomes possible to analyze the current period dispassionately, we’ll no doubt say that it was characterized by the juxtaposition of countless fratricidal wars: Ukrainians and Russians are, culturally, historically and ethnically, brother peoples; as are Israelis…

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Think real. Act fairly.


Respect the facts, even if they don’t serve our thesis, remain faithful to moral principles, speak with respect about a situation we don’t live in, don’t set ourselves up as referees or judges, try to enlighten the future with historical…

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Escaping the three circles of hell


The mission of the intellectual, like that of the journalist, is, in theory, to think rationally, free of all subjectivity, on subjects of general interest. Of course, this is never possible. Everyone is determined by his or her life and…