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War and Truth


Listen to this article :   If a world war is defined by the confrontation of two armies, bringing together soldiers and armaments from most of the countries on the planet, the third world war started a long time ago….

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Welcome to the Russians


In politics, as in any human activity, private or public, it is essential not to rely on immediate emotions, not to give in to a frenzy, to think carefully about the long-term consequences of all our decisions before taking them,…

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Avoiding the double apocalypse


Listen to this article :   Since 1988, in France, presidential campaigns have been shorter each time, and less nourished by programmatic content. And each time, we pay the price: a president elected without a programme, who cannot impose on…

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The real fight


Listen to this article :   For a dictatorship to last long, it must not only have the means of surveillance and terror. It must also be able to convince the people it enslaves that their future, in a regime…

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The month of all dangers


Listen to this article :   If we want to understand a geopolitical situation, and predict its evolution, we must first make the assumption that all the actors have good reasons to act as they do. In particular, in order…

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Geopolitics of the box office

Art and Culture, Geopolitics

Listen to this article : Weak signals of the evolution of mentalities and power relations can be found in many fields, and in particular in a field where they are rarely found: the cinema. In fact, since its inception, the…