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Towards Zionism’s suicide?


Human history is full of examples of peoples and civilisations that, consciously or not, have committed suicide: from the Trojans’ decision to bring Odysseus’ horse inside their city walls, to the Brexit, to the destruction of the forests of Easter…

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The war in Ukraine, what next?


Rarely has there been so much left unsaid in a war as in this one: what do we really want to achieve in the end? The Ukrainians apparently have a clear goal: to regain their entire territory. But could they…

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Ending the praise of authoritarian regimes.


For years it had become fashionable in the main circles of influence in democratic countries, both intellectual and business, to praise authoritarian regimes. The former applauded the long-term vision of their leaders; the latter praised their economic efficiency and commercial…

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Should we end the European Union?


In the current circumstances, as a European summit meets in Prague, many people would like to see an end to the European Union: Vladimir Putin’s Russia, first of all, for whom the Union is a counter-model and a hope for…

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The infernal triangle


While reading the major books of my master Fernand Braudel, I noticed the existence, in the history of geopolitics, of a law of implacable predictive validity which can be very useful to each of us in many fields: At the…

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For the third time, a disaster is looming.


On the morning of Friday, 26 October 1962, I left for my high school thinking that I would probably not make it home alive. On that day, which I remember like yesterday, there were rumours that if the General Secretary…

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We are all Pakistanis.


While the world’s attention is drawn to tragedies of great geopolitical gravity, as in Ukraine, or of a certain dynastic sadness, as in Great Britain, the worst flood that humanity has known for years is taking place further east, heralding…