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Serious business begins


Listen to this article : What will happen in the coming years between China and the United States? What consequences will this have on the rest of the world, and in particular on Europe? The question will soon become pervasive….

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After Afghanistan, who?

Geopolitics, Society

As Harold Macmillan said to Alec Douglas-Home in 1963 when he handed over his office at 10 Downing Street: “Our country is doing very well. And, as long as you don’t invade Afghanistan, you’ll be just fine too. Advice that…

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A summer on a gentle slope

Coronavirus, Geopolitics, Society

Listen to this article : What is happening in Afghanistan, and the tragedy that awaits those who remain trapped there after the departure of the Americans, should remind us of an obvious fact that is too often forgotten: any event,…

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The Worst Enemy of the West


We are constantly being told of the impending global supremacy of China; and there are good reasons to believe that it is possible: China is asserting its ambitions everywhere, including through its leaders and intellectuals; China is also emerging from…

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Fooled by America, but Happy Nonetheless!


Rarely have European media outlets dedicated so much coverage, and for such length of time, to an election campaign like they just did for the presidential election that just ended in the United States: it dominated all the headlines for…

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Putting an End to the American Dream

Geopolitics, Prospective

For more than two centuries, the American dream had attracted people from all over the world, especially from Europe, who found political freedom, exceptional universities, and an unmatched opportunity to become entrepreneurs in the United States. In contrast, others made…

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Every Day Counts

Geopolitics, Prospective, Society

These are strange times, throughout the world… people are dying more than ever from strange diseases; others, who were not prepared for these torments, are faced with unemployment, poverty, and hunger; even entire industrial sectors are on the verge of…