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The ball and the pin

Non classifié(e), Society

Take a child’s balloon, one of those balloons that can still be found at the fair or at the carousels there. A round, oval, or animal-shaped balloon. It is beautiful, it is gleaming. Yet a pin is enough to make…

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Non classifié(e), Society

Who has not seen that for the past few weeks, the world has headed in the wrong direction? It is as if some ethical barriers had all blown up at the same time: Political leaders in the United States, Europe,…

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Confess and all will be forgiven

Non classifié(e), Society

At first, a few tens of thousands of people, then later millions of people voluntarily entered into a community that wants to know everything about the private life of its members: each member voluntarily gives to this organization all the…

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The quadriplegic society

Non classifié(e), Prospective, Society

Having predicted and denounced for a long time the development, on a global scale, of what I called a “hyperclass,” cut off from the rest of the people (which themselves will be divided into “infranomads” forced to migrate to survive,…

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Blockchain and cost-free

Non classifié(e), Society

New technologies never happen by chance. They come together, one after the other, in a clear logical sequence. And one would have to be blind not to see it as such: liberating mankind from the most arduous tasks; giving him…