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A little summer game


It is a game that we played often in the evenings with family or friends, during my childhood. It consisted of, once we were all neatly lined up around the table, that each one of us started a sentence, and…

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The triangle of extremes

Non classifié(e), Society

In a world that is increasingly fascinating and dangerous, whereby the most beautiful promises coexist with the worst threats; during this summer time, while a pause that is infinitely brief settles before the endless streams of fake news, shoddy scandals,…

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The ball and the pin

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Take a child’s balloon, one of those balloons that can still be found at the fair or at the carousels there. A round, oval, or animal-shaped balloon. It is beautiful, it is gleaming. Yet a pin is enough to make…

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Non classifié(e), Society

Who has not seen that for the past few weeks, the world has headed in the wrong direction? It is as if some ethical barriers had all blown up at the same time: Political leaders in the United States, Europe,…