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India or “the Lost Paradise”

Art and Culture, Geopolitics

India, (for which I have a constantly renewed fascination, nurtured by deep friendships and frequent visits over the decades), will indeed be subject of discussion in France over the next few days. In fact, the fascination for Indias’s growth has…

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Art and Culture

It’s time to get used to it: as expected, after music, cinema is being swept away by a whole new way of accessing images: subscription, at home and on the move. And, as with music, after the distribution of cinema…

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Who can best embody Europe?

Art and Culture

Listen to this article :    The European Central Bank has just announced its intention to issue new banknotes, this time representing natural persons, “so that they speak to Europeans of all ages and backgrounds”. To choose the banknotes, the…

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Geopolitics of the box office

Art and Culture, Geopolitics

Listen to this article : Weak signals of the evolution of mentalities and power relations can be found in many fields, and in particular in a field where they are rarely found: the cinema. In fact, since its inception, the…

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Some holiday reading tips

Art and Culture

There are many ways to travel. And in these special times, when we have to give up the great expeditions, reading a good book is one of them. Whether it is a novel, a biography or an essay, a good…

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The Culture or the life

Art and Culture, Coronavirus

It is a sad fact that culture is one of the main collateral victims of the current pandemic. Indeed, nothing is sadder than empty concert halls, unoccupied theatres, closed cinemas and deserted museums. Nothing is more distressing than dismantled symphony…

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In Praise of Carefreeness.

Art and Culture, Coronavirus, Society

Nothing we all miss more, in 2020, than being carefree. Who even remembers today the meaning of this word that was once so banal, if not as a distant memory? Etymologically, carefreeness is being free from care and worry, or…

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Genealogy of Conspiracy

Art and Culture, Prospective, Society

We always have a tendency, and it is a natural thing, to think that whatever happens to us is new, unique, and extraordinary. And it is so because it happens during our lifetime, which, after all, is especially important for…