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The essence of the universal


To be part of a community that has been a victim of the madness of racism for millennia, and is still too often a victim, I would like to remind you of a few obvious facts. First of all, there…

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Eating is conversing

Coronavirus, Society

All over the world, and particularly in France, the manner in which we are handling the pandemic is plagued by inconsistencies. It is not just because management methods are very different from one country to another, but also because of…

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Whatever the cost, we have to finance students

Coronavirus, Society

Even before the pandemic, everything was done to promote the immediate well-being of the elderly, against the interests of the youngest. This is particularly true in developed countries, whose decisions today have the greatest impact on the future of the…

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Fervent Year of 2022 !

Coronavirus, Prospective, Society

Each passing day proves to us that in personal and social life alike, as well as in private and professional life, and in relationships and friendships, our fate is strongly linked to our ability to anticipate. In particular, can we…

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Never Give Up!

Coronavirus, Society

The holiday period is approaching fast; everyone will be wishing for happiness, joy, and health. Today, everyone feels that these wishes will be more necessary and concrete than they were in previous years, when these wishes often had an automatic…

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In Praise of Carefreeness.

Art and Culture, Coronavirus, Society

Nothing we all miss more, in 2020, than being carefree. Who even remembers today the meaning of this word that was once so banal, if not as a distant memory? Etymologically, carefreeness is being free from care and worry, or…

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Genealogy of Conspiracy

Art and Culture, Prospective, Society

We always have a tendency, and it is a natural thing, to think that whatever happens to us is new, unique, and extraordinary. And it is so because it happens during our lifetime, which, after all, is especially important for…

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It would be pointless …

Coronavirus, Society

Here we are. A second lockdown. A second catastrophe. After a first lockdown that failed miserably. And a reopening that also failed miserably. It would be pointless to say that all this could have been avoided. In particular, it would…