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How do we do ?


Listen to this article :  Electrical and electronic draughtsman, qualified heat and surface treatment worker, vehicle mechanic and electronics technician, home help, domestic help, veterinary surgeon, carpenter, roofer, setter, surveyor, car bodyworker, miner, assembly line worker, building worker, dustman, road…

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French privileges


Listen to this article :   These days, many people feel that French identity is under threat.  They think, or they say, that our way of life and the very foundations of our nation are endangered; according to some, by…

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Less tourism, more hospitality

Coronavirus, Prospective, Society

Listen to this article      The current crisis brought the global economy to a halt.  However, certain industries are slowly starting to wake up; as is the case for every sector, many of those who employed by those affected…

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Time within Time


With the dreamed end of the lockdowns nearing (dream because there is no real certainty that new lockdowns will not soon be necessary, even in countries benefiting from vaccines), the time has come to ask whether we really want to…

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A rotten spring…

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Listen to this article :   The weather is out of season. At least in Europe: According to the calendar, we are in the middle of spring, yet it is cold; the sky is grey; the sun is nowhere to…

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About humiliation

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Listen to this article : There is nothing more terrible, for a person or for a people, than to feel humiliated. This terrible feeling comes with the sensation of not being treated as you deserve, of having lost your rank,…

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Think right, act left


Listen to this article :  François Mitterrand used to say that, in France, the left could only win a presidential or legislative election if it obtained at least 43% of the votes in the first round. Today, we are very…