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Demographic communicating vessels

Geopolitics, Prospective

We all know the figures: the world’s population is expected to reach 9.8 billion by 2050, and even more if the recent trend towards lower school enrolment rates for girls continues. Most of this population will live in developing countries…

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Sound the alarmFeatured


I have been called the “bearer of bad news” far too often for me not to be on my guard about risks and opportunities. That being said, I am convinced that opportunities can only be seized once risks have been…

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In praise of mathematics


In these troubled times, when countless clouds are gathering over our heads, heralding destructive storms, it is urgent to praise mathematics, that difficult science, the most abstract of all, the furthest removed from the realities of the world. This science…

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Artificial intelligence, what’s next?


It’s quite classic, and common to all eras, to think that what’s happening to us is unique and that nothing so important has ever happened to anyone else; and in a way, it is true, because this is the only…

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2023, the good year


Both globally and in France, the new year is harder than ever to predict. We could easily settle for predicting the worst: at the end of 2021, not many of us thought that the Russian attack on the Ukraine would…