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Never Forget, To Think About the Future


Three quarters of a century ago, a genocide took place in Europe. This genocide, in other words, the explicit decision to destroy a people, was aimed at the Jews. Before them, there was the genocide of the Native Americans by…

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Fragile Democracies

Prospective, Society

One has to be really blind to not see that increasingly darker clouds are forming in the skies over democracies. And that the 2020 decade could become the decade of universal collapse of these democracies. There is not a single…

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The Living And The Artificial

Prospective, Society

A priori, nothing makes more sense than the point retirement system proposed by the French government, and taken up, among other sources, from the proposals of the commission I chaired twelve years ago: it aims to take note of the…

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Enshrine Pensions in the Constitution


One of the reasons for the success of the yellow vests can be attributed to the fact that they stood independently of any apparatus, in particular trade unions, and succeeded because of this, in building a relatively homogeneous movement, around…

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If China gives up…

Geopolitics, Society

When, in a country, purchasing power is threatened, political leaders, like citizens, forget their beautiful ecological resolutions. This is what the ”yellow vest” crisis in France had shown; it is what China could also show today. In the decade of…

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Is California a New Pompeii?


Is there not something pathetically ridiculous about seeing these tens of thousands of Californians crammed into their huge vehicles, which guzzle massive amount of fuel, as they leave their vast properties in Los Angeles, surrounded by gardens that are costly…

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Health First


In France, as in countless other countries, the healthcare system is faltering. Hospitals are overwhelmed, staff harassed, and patients worried. On a global scale, widening health inequalities continue to increase between those who have access to the best treatment and…