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Fukushima: Are they all crazy?


Since the terrible accident of 11 March 2011 (an earthquake of magnitude 9 and a 15 m-high tsunami), the devastated Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear power plant has not seemed to pose any health concerns outside Japan. And even in Japan, no radiation levels above the dose limit were found in the shops or in the food…

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Should we renounce democracy?


On the same week, the Church gave itself a pope. A president was elected in China. Pope Francois. President Xi Jining. Both using very similar organisational and selection methods: a pyramidal structure, where top level appointments are based on merit, to the top…

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A German court has just ruled that Facebook has a right to force people to use their real names, contradicting the Privacy Protection Authority of Schleswig-Holstein, that says the right to use pseudonyms is guaranteed by the German and European legislations on the fundamental right to freedom of expression…

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Secularizing the State, finally!


If all the Churches are so upset over the issue of marriage for all, it is not so much because that the rights and privileges of the union before the mayor will thus be extended to couples of the same sex, but rather because religious authorities are horrified by the use of the word “marriage” in respect of this union…

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Finance, Society

Rien ne ressemble plus à 2013 que 1913.
Cette année là, une formidable période de croissance butait sur une crise financière provoquée par la première puissance économique du moment (La Grande Bretagne)…

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The three keys to the future


In order to understand where a nation is going, economic projections are generally used, those of the GDP essentially, and much uncertainty exists as to its likely value. Many other parameters will tell more about the future of a country than just virtual statistics…

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The society of connivance


While public debates in all the official European palaces focus on the impossible management of the public debt, whose moratorium we shall have to consider daring to organize one day, lenders, are increasingly interested in another issue: the labor market…

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Il faut sauver le soldat Erasmus


Parmi les innombrables sujets en suspens en Europe, il en est un, dont on ne parle pas assez et qui est pourtant déterminant pour l’avenir : le programme Erasmus, qui permet à des étudiants d’aller étudier six mois dans un autre pays de l’Union…