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Request their presidential platforms!


The presidential electoral campaign in France is entering a new phase, not necessarily more constructive than previous phases. After months of entering into personal squabbles, soundbites, hunting for patronage and betrayals, candidates gradually publish programs, ‘en bloc’ or bit by…

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Death from laughter


How we wish we didn’t have to worry about the future of the world! Same for climate change, rising unemployment, and technological excesses. How we wish we didn’t have to fear a terrorist strike as the children leave school or…

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The only valid question

Geopolitics, Society

In our insecure democracies, most politicians are prepared to do anything to gain or stay in power. For them in the same way that an anvil is utterly useless to an aviator: ideas, projects, values or programs are of little…

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Winning is everything!


Today, in our society, everything reminds us constantly that in fact we attach an ever increasing importance to the hierarchy level of individual scores and ranking, while all the pedagogues of the world continue to state in every possible way…

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Do not be afraid of fear


The response adopted by the leadership of France in the face of terrorism borders on being pathetic in some cases, and even ridiculous. For example, banning a march under the pretext that we are not certain of being able to…