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A rotten spring…

Coronavirus, Society

Listen to this article :   The weather is out of season. At least in Europe: According to the calendar, we are in the middle of spring, yet it is cold; the sky is grey; the sun is nowhere to…

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About humiliation

Coronavirus, Society

Listen to this article : There is nothing more terrible, for a person or for a people, than to feel humiliated. This terrible feeling comes with the sensation of not being treated as you deserve, of having lost your rank,…

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Think right, act left


Listen to this article :  François Mitterrand used to say that, in France, the left could only win a presidential or legislative election if it obtained at least 43% of the votes in the first round. Today, we are very…

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The Worst Enemy of the West


We are constantly being told of the impending global supremacy of China; and there are good reasons to believe that it is possible: China is asserting its ambitions everywhere, including through its leaders and intellectuals; China is also emerging from…

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Vaccinated Against Lies

Coronavirus, Society

I am angry to see that European leaders were so naïve, unlike their British and American counterparts, that they had not requested that the pharmaceutical companies to whom they gave research grants also give them priority for the delivery of…

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Even more nomadic than money: talent

Coronavirus, Society

The resolution of a major crisis, such as the one we are experiencing, depends first and foremost on the relevance of the decisions taken in the emergency to try to resolve it. And today, only one decision is necessary: vaccinate…

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The Culture or the life

Art and Culture, Coronavirus

It is a sad fact that culture is one of the main collateral victims of the current pandemic. Indeed, nothing is sadder than empty concert halls, unoccupied theatres, closed cinemas and deserted museums. Nothing is more distressing than dismantled symphony…