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Dreaming, in billions of years


The popular and worldwide success of the first photos from the new James Webb telescope tells us a lot about the state of the world. This telescope, launched by an Ariane 5 rocket from the Kourou space centre last December,…

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Towards chaos, in 6 steps


One would have to be the last of the blind not to see that the very structure of democratic institutions is cracking in many countries, and in particular in the richest ones: in the United States, the previous president, after…

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All-risk insurance


What is happening with the climate should demonstrate to all those who still doubt that the economy, finance, geopolitics and politics will soon be profoundly disrupted, and much more quickly than we think. This will first be seen in the…

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The illusion of time


There is no theme that has been more studied and scrutinised than that of time. And the greatest thinkers, philosophical, religious and scientific, in all civilizations, have struggled to understand what this concept could be, whose reality is intuitively obvious,…

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Stop violence against future generations.


It has recently become clear that we are harming future generations. By our inaction on the climate, by our destruction of nature, by our neglect of health and education; and more generally because we spend more money on the consumption…

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Take elections seriously.


Listen to this article :   When in France will the legislative elections be taken seriously? When in France will people be more interested in the programmes of the candidates than in their posturing and ranting? When will the parties…

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Global education on the brink of collapse


Two seemingly unrelated events should serve as a wake-up call to the dangers facing education systems around the world. First, in France, it has become so difficult to find and keep teachers that they are now recruited by interview. Already…