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After Fake News, Fake Finance


And what if what happened in the strange GameStop speculation saga was indicative of much deeper issues at stake?… Finance has always been a place for rumours, lies, and false news, for desperate companies or governments to attract capital, deceive…

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Single currency, common currency or counterfeit currency


There is a pretty Eastern proverb which runs: “Follow the liar to the gate of his house.” This sensible recommendation is very useful both in private life and in public life. For instance, proposals from France’s far-right National Front (FN),…

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What is the purpose of the ECB?

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Main pivot, insuring alone the survival of the euro, without any assistance from the EU’s executive bodies, the European Central Bank (ECB) is today obliged to do exactly the opposite of what is set out by the Treaties: lending to States in order to finance their debts…

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Burying old capitalism

Finance, Positive Economy

The current discussions, around the world, and in particular in France, on how the fate of companies is sealed, illustrates the view that old capitalism, the one in which those who hold capital grant or deny the breath of life to companies, is outdated…