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The elephant and the lion

Finance, Prospective

In the great sell-out of concepts and practices, many on the extreme left and right are talking about doing away with democracy. Others, sometimes the same ones, are talking about putting an end to capitalism. None of this makes the…

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A huge financial crisis is looming


A huge financial crisis is looming. Unless we act quickly, it will strike, probably in the summer of 2023. And if, through general procrastination, it is postponed, it will only be more severe later. We still have everything we need…

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What are Central Banks for?

Finance, Positive Economy

For a very long time, and still today, the financial markets have been suspended on the decisions of the central bankers, expecting them to validate or contradict their forecasts of inflation and interest rates. To believe that these rates will…

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All-risk insurance


What is happening with the climate should demonstrate to all those who still doubt that the economy, finance, geopolitics and politics will soon be profoundly disrupted, and much more quickly than we think. This will first be seen in the…

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After Fake News, Fake Finance


And what if what happened in the strange GameStop speculation saga was indicative of much deeper issues at stake?… Finance has always been a place for rumours, lies, and false news, for desperate companies or governments to attract capital, deceive…