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Giving Your Life Meaning in Less Than 12 Hours


Many people think that the essence of human life, its meaning and purpose, should be rooted in no other thing but to be as happy as possible. If human beings succeed at this, they bask in selfish, inherited or constructed…

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Religious Modernity


There are many recent events that should draw our attention to the formidable battles currently being fought within the main religious currents, and the geopolitical influence on these battles in tomorrow’s world. Today, in most cases, it is those who…

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Closing the Retirement Debate


The debate on retirement pensions in France is much deeper than the current ongoing debate on the need to harmonise special pension regimes. The debate is related to an infinitely broader problem, the rise of median age globally. And this…

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Math, and Us


Every study that has been carried out by the French Ministry of National Education and by international organizations has shown that the level of mathematics among French students has been steadily declining for at least twenty years. Moreover, though the…

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Praise for the forgotten arts

Art et Culture

There is art, similar to many other types of human activities, which at times has gone out of style or has been forgotten and may never make a comeback. Most art forms have survived since the earliest antiquity. This is…