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Praise for diasporas


In almost every country in the world, migration is the subject of lively debate: in the North, the arrival of foreigners in ever-increasing waves is viewed with suspicion, if not hatred. In the emerging countries, there is concern that the…

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Are we all disloyal mercenaries?


Disloyalty becomes the most common form of exercising freedom. To understand this evidence, or at least this threat, we need to go back to the fundamental elements of our modern societies, democratic or not, where the market economy dominates: they…

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The ‘Global South’: a very dangerous concept


For several weeks now, an extraordinary diplomatic ballet has been taking place in the countries of the South, about which little is heard in the West: the Chinese Foreign Minister is travelling throughout Africa and the ASEAN countries, while his…

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When music, once again, reveals the future


Once again, the economics of music tells us a lot about what lies ahead in many other dimensions of our societies: In the last few days, music industry companies have seen their stock prices tumble, because analysts predict that musical…

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A huge financial crisis is looming


A huge financial crisis is looming. Unless we act quickly, it will strike, probably in the summer of 2023. And if, through general procrastination, it is postponed, it will only be more severe later. We still have everything we need…

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China, the wrong choice


Everything gives the impression that we must go to China; and not a single head of state, from a developed or emerging country, thinks that he or she should go there at the beginning of his or her term of…

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ChatGPT 25


Yesterday, I tried asking the new version of the ChatGPT generative artificial intelligence software (number 4) what it thought the top three problems of the world in 2050 would be, and the top three advances. In a few seconds, I…

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Denial of reality


In France, denial of reality seems to be the only thing that all the actors in public life have in common: the president (who is right to say that it is his role to propose unpopular measures) refuses to see…