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Coronavirus, Society

I was once told (but I cannot swear to the authenticity of the anecdote) that, in the late 1930s, in certain circles of the French bourgeoisie, on the invitation cards for a lunch, a party, or an exhibition opening, the…

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Who can best embody Europe?

Art and Culture

Listen to this article :    The European Central Bank has just announced its intention to issue new banknotes, this time representing natural persons, “so that they speak to Europeans of all ages and backgrounds”. To choose the banknotes, the…

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The Ballroom

Prospective, Society

Listen to this article :   Imagine a beautiful ballroom where very happy people, boys and girls, are having fun, dancing and eating at a magnificent buffet; the music is very lively; everyone is imagining plans for the end of…

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The infernal spiral


Listen to this article : The proposals of certain right-wing primary candidates, and those of the far-right candidates, on immigration are increasingly dangerous for democracy. By proposing, in a mad bidding war, to withdraw from certain foreigners, if not all,…

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La vita e Bella


Listen to this article :   In La vita e Bella, released in 1997, Roberto Benigni tells the story of a man who tries to make his son, who is locked up with him in a concentration camp, believe that…

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The temptation of slander


Listen to this article :   Among the thousand reasons that can lead to the collapse of a couple, a family, a company, a football team, an association, a political party, a city, a country, or any other form of…

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What is not taught

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Listen to this article :   For a very long time (in fact, for millennia) education was limited to training the youngest to take over the jobs of their parents (and especially their fathers, since this mainly concerned boys). The…

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Above all, do not ask for the programme!


Listen to this article :   For thirty years, if you want to win an election in France, don’t have any programme! If you have the misfortune to publish one, people would at best talk about it for three days…