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Enshrine Pensions in the Constitution


One of the reasons for the success of the yellow vests can be attributed to the fact that they stood independently of any apparatus, in particular trade unions, and succeeded because of this, in building a relatively homogeneous movement, around…

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The Replicant and the Banana…

Art and Culture

Anyone who watched Ridley Scott’s brilliant film, “Blade Runner”, when it was released (1982) or later, cannot have forgotten the wonderful metaphor about the human condition. In the film, a police officer from Los Angeles tracks down humanoids that are…

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If China gives up…

Geopolitics, Society

When, in a country, purchasing power is threatened, political leaders, like citizens, forget their beautiful ecological resolutions. This is what the ”yellow vest” crisis in France had shown; it is what China could also show today. In the decade of…

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Ending All Lies About German Reunification


Having been one of the last actors in the negotiations during the summit, from May 1988 to May 1990, that accompanied the collapse of the Soviet bloc and German reunification, I cannot grant a free pass and not react to…

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Is California a New Pompeii?


Is there not something pathetically ridiculous about seeing these tens of thousands of Californians crammed into their huge vehicles, which guzzle massive amount of fuel, as they leave their vast properties in Los Angeles, surrounded by gardens that are costly…

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Fortunately, The Perfect Man Will Never Exist

Art and Culture

The Vitruvian Man, with supposedly perfect proportions, has been challenging humans for nearly two thousand years. The one we can see at the Louvre at the moment, which is materialized by Leonardo da Vinci, has fascinated us for nearly five…

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Health First


In France, as in countless other countries, the healthcare system is faltering. Hospitals are overwhelmed, staff harassed, and patients worried. On a global scale, widening health inequalities continue to increase between those who have access to the best treatment and…

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Toward a Micro-Balkanization of the World

Art and Culture

During the middle of the 15th century, a period marked by the belief that a new technology from Asia (movable-type printing press) would help strengthen the two dominant powers of the time (the Catholic Church and the Germanic Roman Empire),…