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Giving the future back to those it belongs to

Prospective, Society

Nothing is worse than acting in a hurry, without means or reflection. And the reforms proposed for French national education today, however attractive they may seem, will, when analyzed later, be denounced as reactionary and old-fashioned. On the face of…

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Today’s problems, tomorrow’s scandals

Prospective, Society

Great progress has recently been made in a part of the world to reduce gender wage inequalities and finally to seriously combat violence against women; thanks, for the most part, to the struggle of women themselves, increasingly free, powerful, united…

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COP28 or COP Zero ?

Geopolitics, Prospective

It all began in 1992 when 178 countries, meeting in Rio de Janeiro for the UN Ten-Year Conference on Environment and Development, signed a declaration and convention giving a first official definition of sustainable development and expressing the need to…

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In the meantime

Prospective, Society

Since October 7, the world has watched in amazement (to denounce or celebrate) the monstrous barbarism of Hamas terrorists, their obvious pleasure in torturing, raping, murdering women and children, and the ruthless reaction of an Israeli government that, to put…

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The three murderers of humanity


If, one day, it becomes possible to analyze the current period dispassionately, we’ll no doubt say that it was characterized by the juxtaposition of countless fratricidal wars: Ukrainians and Russians are, culturally, historically and ethnically, brother peoples; as are Israelis…

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The eternal return of antisemitism


Many people thought that anti-Semitism was over, that the Shoah had been enough to show the monstrosities to which it can lead, that reason had triumphed. But no, it’s still there. It is not confused with legitimate criticism of the…

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Food insecurity, a fatality?

Prospective, Society

In 2022, according to the latest available statistics, more than 740 million people did not have enough to eat; that’s almost 20% of the population of Africa, 8.5% of Asia, 6.5% of America and 4% of Europe. 260 million of…

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Think real. Act fairly.


Respect the facts, even if they don’t serve our thesis, remain faithful to moral principles, speak with respect about a situation we don’t live in, don’t set ourselves up as referees or judges, try to enlighten the future with historical…

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Escaping the three circles of hell


The mission of the intellectual, like that of the journalist, is, in theory, to think rationally, free of all subjectivity, on subjects of general interest. Of course, this is never possible. Everyone is determined by his or her life and…