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Tobacco, a deadly drug


It is both ironic and tragic to note that, at a time when the production and consumption of recreational cannabis is being authorized (as in Germany), or is being considered for authorization (as in France), bans on the production and…

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Confronting the past to prepare for the future


Two very recent books, written by two great historians specialists of France during the Second World War (The Assassinated Republic of Michele Cointet and The Pétain trial of Julian Jackson), lead us to reflect on the future of this country,…

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In praise of sociability


Many criteria can be used to decide on a political action or a budgetary economy: its economic efficiency, its cost, its impact on employment, the environment, social justice, future generations. It is a criterion too often forgotten: its impact on…

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Race towards the wall, singing.


When, in a few years’ time, we look back on the attitude of the French ruling class in the early spring of 2024, we’ll hesitate to describe it as cowardly, or pusillanimous, or hypocritical, or oblivious, or useless, or even…

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The future of mankind


In many areas, Spain has been leading the way in recent years. In particular, advances in the field of morality have often come from Madrid. This was recently the case in the fight against sexual harassment and violence, and with…

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Should public spending be reduced?

Prospective, Society

A number of seemingly separate debates are occupying part of the public stage in France today. France is the only major European country to have a combined budget, primary budget, trade balance and balance of payments deficit. The budget deficit…

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The great renunciation


Among the countless threats looming on the horizon, there is one that still seems remote today, yet is there for all to see: the great renunciation. We are all, individually, confronted in our lives with circumstances in which renunciation is…

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In view of the outcry provoked by the French President’s announcement of the need to prepare for the eventuality of having to send French troops into combat in Ukraine, it is very easy and very tempting to draw a parallel…

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Parents and leaders, same issues


Of all the human activities, at least two, among the most important and difficult, can be exercised perfectly legitimately without any training: parent and politician. And that’s a mistake. If it is obvious to me that you cannot require a…