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Left-wing, right-wing, an outdated concept?


For at least two centuries, the political battle in most democracies has been between conservatives and progressives. In particular, between those who want to maintain the status quo and those who want to question it; those who favour stability and…

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It is Time to Dare the Impossible


One of the most recurrent themes used by science fiction writers describes humanity’s response to an extra-terrestrial threat. I used it myself, imagining (in my novel “Beyond Nowhere”) the imminent arrival of a large meteorite on earth. And one of…

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Let Us No Longer Be Stowaways of the Planet


There is no better metaphor for today’s world than to imagine that we have all, human beings and other living beings, embarked on the same boat. Among us, certain play their roles, having taken responsibility for their environment and the…

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Unplug or Die

Art et Culture, Society

Of all the threats faced by humanity, nothing is worse than the threats that are disguised as progress, and whose merits are praised every day. In fact, many civilizations have disappeared because they did not see that a major innovation…

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Will We Know How to Avoid the Revolution?


Every country of the West, including France in particular, and many other countries in the world, are on the brink of brutal revolutions, the consequences of which will either be disastrous for decades to come, or very positive, depending on…

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Is the War for Talent Already Lost?


The war for talent is the most important battle in the world today. Every company with a global market (which means almost all of them, regardless of their size) know that their future survival will depend on whether they can…

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No Spire, Please!

Art et Culture

If there is a topic that everyone has taken the liberty to have an opinion on, it is about how to replace the Notre Dame spire, which was destroyed by a terrible fire (we are still waiting to know the…