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Some jobs that we can never do without


We talk a lot about jobs that are threatened because of advances in technology that will lead to automation, or related needs that will disappear. As such, it is likely that tasks that are now performed by executive assistants or…

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The birds in front of our window


”Believing that only the planets whose existence is known to us today exist is no more reasonable than imagining that the sky is populated by no other birds than those who pass our window.” The great Christian philosopher Giordano Bruno…

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Survive or perish, but all together


Ten years after the bankruptcy of the global financial services firm, Lehman Brothers, which was a key event that marked the beginning of the financial crisis, the question remains whether the world has learned the lessons of the financial crisis?…

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How to Topple a Dictatorship

Geopolitics, Non classifié(e), Society

After much progress in the 1990s, marked by the collapse of the Soviet bloc and the evolution of Latin America, democracy now seems to be in decline. There were also, however, new advances that occurred recently. More precisely, in Morocco,…

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A little summer game


It is a game that we played often in the evenings with family or friends, during my childhood. It consisted of, once we were all neatly lined up around the table, that each one of us started a sentence, and…

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The triangle of extremes

Non classifié(e), Society

In a world that is increasingly fascinating and dangerous, whereby the most beautiful promises coexist with the worst threats; during this summer time, while a pause that is infinitely brief settles before the endless streams of fake news, shoddy scandals,…