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Knowing how to say no.


A few years ago, I asked Jean d’Ormesson what was the most important thing he thought that he had learned as he got older. He answered me without hesitation, with his mischievous smile: “I think that the most important thing…

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To get over with words


In France, we are passionate for the debate on inclusive writing, without seeing that it is like being interested in a frog in a pond, which will soon be overwhelmed by a tsunami. Because what is at stake on the…

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Praise of education of girls.


Everywhere throughout the world, the debate about the fate of women is on the rise, in all its dimensions, economic, political, social and moral. There is one among them, however, which is less spoken about than the others and which,…

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The Major public works, beyond frontiers

Art and Culture, Society

Thanks to a very peculiar political organization, French presidents, after monarchs, successfully obtained from their subjects that they finance themselves beautiful monuments, to tell the glory of the prince and the nation. Museums are one of the most recent illustrations…

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The triangle of power

Geopolitics, Society

In the confusion of times, anywhere in the world, in either the richest countries or in the poorest ones, three society models at least are sharing the utopia. Each of these models comes into countless variants and sometimes all three…

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Reading books as a tool for freedom

Geopolitics, Society

I don’t know a lot of greater pleasures than discovering a new author, a new thought, a new text. And even more, to share your own discoveries to others. Lend, offer, recommend a book, talk about it after, read some…

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The rate and tape society


The future is digital, but in several cases beautifully explored by the English TV series Black Mirror, just how digital do we want to be? The show portrays, to a conceivable extreme, the online social tendencies of today’s society. Two…

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Blockchain, Catalonia, and other major topics.


Streaming media align pieces of information, one after another, without seeking to establish, most of the time, any relations between them all. And as a matter of fact, at first sight, there is no relation between the spectacular blockchain development,…

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Judaism and Islam: Same fight for peace

Geopolitics, Society

Some recent events should remind to each person in good faith the absurdity of antijudaism and antisilamism nd their derivatives, anti-Zionism and hostility to the creation of a Palestinian State. They could even show that our civilisations’ future will play…