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The moment of truth

Non classifié(e), Society

Strikes by the staff of EPAHD (French acronym—Foundation for Shelter for the Elderly and the Dependent) and other retirement homes serve as a reminder, especially to those who may have forgotten, that the core interest of power in any society…

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What are Universities good for today ?


Announced reforms to the French Baccalaureate, as well as reforms that were already decided on admission policies to universities, provide an opportunity to finally take a serious look at the problem of how higher education is organized. First, some obvious…

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One and a half per thousand? Shame on us !


When discussing refugees and migrants, we tend to more or less deliberately mix up two topics: firstly, the way we treat migrants and refugees who managed to reach France; secondly, the number of refugees and migrants that we ought to…

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Toward a consumer strike?

Positive Economy, Society

A movement seems to have taken off, in the United States and in some European countries, and no one knows whether its momentum will dwindle after the initial take-off, or if it will continue to ascend, far up and away:…

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A family meal


Reminiscing over those family meals from one’s childhood, (not the daily meals with parents, brothers and sisters, but shared ones, in large gatherings at one of the homes of a family member, with more or less distant relatives, during religious…

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Knowing how to say no.


A few years ago, I asked Jean d’Ormesson what was the most important thing he thought that he had learned as he got older. He answered me without hesitation, with his mischievous smile: “I think that the most important thing…

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To get over with words


In France, we are passionate for the debate on inclusive writing, without seeing that it is like being interested in a frog in a pond, which will soon be overwhelmed by a tsunami. Because what is at stake on the…

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Praise of education of girls.


Everywhere throughout the world, the debate about the fate of women is on the rise, in all its dimensions, economic, political, social and moral. There is one among them, however, which is less spoken about than the others and which,…

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The Major public works, beyond frontiers

Art and Culture, Society

Thanks to a very peculiar political organization, French presidents, after monarchs, successfully obtained from their subjects that they finance themselves beautiful monuments, to tell the glory of the prince and the nation. Museums are one of the most recent illustrations…