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For the love of art; and the art of love

Art and Culture

Not too long ago, a little less than three millennia, men and women were already living passionate love lives and their stories inspired works of art that are still admired today. More recently, less than a thousand years ago, people…

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Please Do Not Forget the Drones

Geopolitics, Non classifié(e)

The new incident between Israel and its neighbours should remind all strategists, political leaders and elected representatives of the people, that the future of our defence and security will soon be disrupted by a new weapon. And there is too…

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The moment of truth

Non classifié(e), Society

Strikes by the staff of EPAHD (French acronym—Foundation for Shelter for the Elderly and the Dependent) and other retirement homes serve as a reminder, especially to those who may have forgotten, that the core interest of power in any society…

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What are Universities good for today ?


Announced reforms to the French Baccalaureate, as well as reforms that were already decided on admission policies to universities, provide an opportunity to finally take a serious look at the problem of how higher education is organized. First, some obvious…

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To not deny ourselves the pleasure


All over the world, political leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, artists, intellectuals, journalists, find in France qualities they refused to concede to her less than a year ago. They’ve rediscovered that our country has strong institutions; and that a determined president, supported…

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Does a work of art have a gender?

Art and Culture

On January 7th, at the Opera di Firenze, the director Leo Muscato proposed a version of Carmen, the opera by Georges Bizet, in which the young gypsy heroine kills her rejected lover Don Jose with a pistol instead of being…

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One and a half per thousand? Shame on us !


When discussing refugees and migrants, we tend to more or less deliberately mix up two topics: firstly, the way we treat migrants and refugees who managed to reach France; secondly, the number of refugees and migrants that we ought to…

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Toward a consumer strike?

Positive Economy, Society

A movement seems to have taken off, in the United States and in some European countries, and no one knows whether its momentum will dwindle after the initial take-off, or if it will continue to ascend, far up and away:…