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The next financial crisis


Being optimistic does not mean problems do not exist, rather it is the belief that problems have a solution. Thus, for most of the challenges that the world is currently facing. All or most of them are immense. Solutions can…

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Remembering everything…


A very recent publication of a study by researchers from New York University and Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai from the same city published the results of an experiment in which rats were able to retrieve memories for…

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“Degagism” has only just begun


As we move forward towards the 4th and 14th of July, both symbolizing a revolution, and while we use this word today in completely different contexts, it might be a good time to reflect on what ensures a successful revolution…

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Let us stop talking about “environment”


The words we use on a daily basis go beyond the meaning they have today, and they continue to carry away their old meaning. It is, therefore, worthwhile to address the issue of the genealogy of words, which goes well…

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Reinventing political parties


Democracies throughout Europe and the United States have expressed a deep yearning for political renewal. It has led, virtually everywhere, under various names, to a profound leadership renewal. With the emergence of new faces, talents, raising great hopes. By contrast,…

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Le Havre, Paris, and Entrepreneurship


At the moment we are celebrating the 500th anniversary of Francis I’s decision to create the Port of Le Havre. At the time, the Port of Rouen, one of Europe’s centers of textile trade, was not big enough to cope…

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In Praise of Transgression


In this age of political change, ideological surprises, aesthetic ruptures and the dictatorship of the immediate, ephemeral triumphs and vain glories, it is time to realize that the source of true successes, significant progress, useful lives, has always been the…