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Putting an End to the American Dream

Geopolitics, Prospective

For more than two centuries, the American dream had attracted people from all over the world, especially from Europe, who found political freedom, exceptional universities, and an unmatched opportunity to become entrepreneurs in the United States. In contrast, others made…

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Phony War, Phony Crisis


Between September 1939 and May 1940, while the fascist and Nazi governments were forcibly organising the production of armaments, the French, English and Belgian democracies were waiting for god knows what, confident in the illusory protection of the Maginot Line…

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Repeat Twice to Understand

Positive Economy, Prospective

Will it take a second wave of COVID-19 to sweep across Europe for us to finally understand that we are on the wrong track? I am not talking about the medical field here, which I will refrain from expressing an…

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Unity and Difference


The strength of a nation lies in its ability to distinguish between general and particular, as well as universal and specific. A nation needs universal to exist. It also needs differences to progress. It is the delicate balance between these…

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Vanished Death; Intense Living

Prospective, Society

One of the greatest scandals of the lockdown period was, and still is, the impossibility to accompany our loved ones in their last moments, and in some countries, to even attend their funerals. Everyone has promised to do everything possible…