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Running Beyond the Edge of the Cliff

Prospective, Society

Everybody remembers the cartoon by Tex Avery, in which a character being chased by another runs off the edge of a cliff. However, because of momentum, the character keeps running and momentarily floats in the air, preoccupied by being pursued…

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What will be left of the performing arts?

Art and Culture, Society

The performing arts are among the activities that are most threatened by the self-isolation measures. A priori, until at least the month of September, there will be very few concerts, theatrical performances, operas and festivals anywhere in the world. Not…

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There’s More to Life Than Just GDP

Positive Economy, Society

Among the thousands of matters that were overlooked and that are now coming to light because of the current situation, one such matter is or should be the major role that the voluntary sector and all other voluntary activities, whether…