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2023, the good year


Both globally and in France, the new year is harder than ever to predict. We could easily settle for predicting the worst: at the end of 2021, not many of us thought that the Russian attack on the Ukraine would…

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Towards chaos, in 6 steps


One would have to be the last of the blind not to see that the very structure of democratic institutions is cracking in many countries, and in particular in the richest ones: in the United States, the previous president, after…

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Arrogance and excellence

Prospective, Society

Listen to this article :   What will be left of tonight’s debate in five years? How will it have guided the French in their choices? In what way will it have spoken about the essential issues that the next…

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Prospective, Society

Listen to this article :   A recent successful film (Don’t Look up) tells what would happen if American political leaders were confronted with the imminent threat of a meteorite that could destroy the planet. Having worked on this subject…

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The Ballroom

Prospective, Society

Listen to this article :   Imagine a beautiful ballroom where very happy people, boys and girls, are having fun, dancing and eating at a magnificent buffet; the music is very lively; everyone is imagining plans for the end of…