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The tyranny of transparency

Art and Culture

Vint Cerf, the « Internet’s father », just caused a scandal by recalling, with hard-hitting words, the consequences of the dictatorship of transparency, given some of the current trends in the new social networking platforms. For him, the right to privacy may eventually prove to be a parenthesis in human history…

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A forgotten war


While we spend our time arguing about small matters in Europe, in Africa, far from the view of the television cameras and diplomats, one of the deadliest conflicts since World War II is dragging on…

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Did we really try everything?


Among the arguments that can attract voters’ attention toward an extremist party, (and in France especially toward the National Front) the most destructive, one that can capture the attention of the greatest number of good and decent people is the following: for decades everything has been tried, the right and the left. The left with floor crossers from the right…

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Two peoples, one State?


As the Oslo Accords celebrate its 20th anniversary (which allowed the assumption that through direct negotiation between Palestinians and Israelis this could lead to the creation of a viable Palestinian State, and to the recognition of the State of Israel by the Arab states, within secure borders)…

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Recipes for a successful spring


Peu de comparaisons sérieuses ont été faites entre la chute, semble-t-il réussie, des dictatures à l’Est de l’Europe et les innombrables échecs des printemps arabes. En principe, on aurait pu espérer les mêmes résultats…