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I was once told (but I cannot swear to the authenticity of the anecdote) that, in the late 1930s, in certain circles of the French bourgeoisie, on the invitation cards for a lunch, a party, or an exhibition opening, the…

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A summer on a gentle slope

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Listen to this article : What is happening in Afghanistan, and the tragedy that awaits those who remain trapped there after the departure of the Americans, should remind us of an obvious fact that is too often forgotten: any event,…

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Less tourism, more hospitality

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Listen to this article      The current crisis brought the global economy to a halt.  However, certain industries are slowly starting to wake up; as is the case for every sector, many of those who employed by those affected…

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A rotten spring…

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Listen to this article :   The weather is out of season. At least in Europe: According to the calendar, we are in the middle of spring, yet it is cold; the sky is grey; the sun is nowhere to…

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About humiliation

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Listen to this article : There is nothing more terrible, for a person or for a people, than to feel humiliated. This terrible feeling comes with the sensation of not being treated as you deserve, of having lost your rank,…

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Vaccinated Against Lies

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I am angry to see that European leaders were so naïve, unlike their British and American counterparts, that they had not requested that the pharmaceutical companies to whom they gave research grants also give them priority for the delivery of…