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We Protest? Good! And then what?


In this chaotic, crazy, violent, uncertain world, where an incredible number of parameters interfere to create a situation, constantly fluid and uncertain, most people have given up on predicting anything. And in particular, it is difficult to predict the final…

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For Europe: Reversing the Trend

Geopolitics, Society

Today, for many people, the European election represents an exercise where political figures are imposed on them, and also where citizens of the continent are regularly asked to vote for Members of Parliament whom they do not know, whose actions…

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Antisemitism Today


Today, of the thousands of types of vandalism that affect France, whereby stores and shelters, banks and prefectures, police stations and churches are attacked indiscriminately, there is one type of vandalism that deserves that we take a particular look at…

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Italy, What’s In A Name?


During my entire life, I have nourished my inspiration through Italy. I have learnt the language at an early age. Italy’s literature has always overwhelmed me (to cite Primo and Carlo Levi among others); her poetry does not leave my…

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What Is Meant by “the people?”


In the United States, as well as in Venezuela; in Great Britain as well as in France; in China as well as in India, there is an old word that has made a fashionable return: “the people.” However, this word…

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Democratic Illusion and Capitalist Cynicism


In an era marked by leaders with increasingly populist tendencies leading a substantial part of the planet; and in the rare places where these types of leaders are not in power, there are citizens from every township in the universe…

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For a Positive Democracy


The pathetic Brexit debate in the British Parliament, (blocked between three contradictory choices, and no majority support for any of the three) reminds us that situations can arise where the preferences of individuals may be rational, but the collective preferences…

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For A Democracy of Humility and Respect


During these times of turmoil and disorder, a time period marked by democratic governments being challenged, attacked, vilified and overthrown, it has become easy to issue an indictment against democracy, and particularly the manner in which it is carried out,…