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If China gives up…

Geopolitics, Society

When, in a country, purchasing power is threatened, political leaders, like citizens, forget their beautiful ecological resolutions. This is what the ”yellow vest” crisis in France had shown; it is what China could also show today. In the decade of…

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Is California a New Pompeii?


Is there not something pathetically ridiculous about seeing these tens of thousands of Californians crammed into their huge vehicles, which guzzle massive amount of fuel, as they leave their vast properties in Los Angeles, surrounded by gardens that are costly…

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Health First


In France, as in countless other countries, the healthcare system is faltering. Hospitals are overwhelmed, staff harassed, and patients worried. On a global scale, widening health inequalities continue to increase between those who have access to the best treatment and…

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Must We Defend the European Way of Life?

Geopolitics, Society

The controversy that stemmed from the job title of European Commissioner in charge of, among other things, immigration (“in charge of protecting the European way of life”) deserves to be scrutinized; but perhaps not for the reasons we believe. Many…

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In Praise of Lucidity


Following the 2008 crisis, there was a wise decision, in hindsight, by regulators that forced most western banks to check whether they had the means to be resilient if faced with another crisis. It led many of these banks to…

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On a Powder Keg, Once Again

Geopolitics, Positive Economy, Society

The terrifying accident at the Russian weapons and ammunition warehouse in Achinsk, Russia, not far from Krasnoyarsk, is a grating metaphor of what is happening around the world. And, it is still perfectly avoidable: the accumulation of ammunition and weapons,…

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Should we let those who try to leave hell die?

Geopolitics, Society

In the midst of countless signs of deteriorating international cooperation, and a cold and proud resurgence of selfishness, particularly toward future generations, we can only welcome the initiative taken by France to find a solution to the tragedy of migrants…