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Happiness, as in Bhutan


Bhutan, in the late seventies, defined and implemented the concept of
Gross National Happiness (GNH), is it happier than the others?

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Family leave


It happens that the possibility of a small reform, seemingly purely
technical, carries in fact the seeds of very profound transformations of
customs, and very significant impact on the structure of our societies.

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Nice guys, these thieves…


Two extraordinary heists in France have hit the headlines this week: an armoured truck guard from Lyon drove away with eleven million euros after 10 years of good and faithful services. A postman quietly made off with a million euros. No one was robbed at these thefts, just the institution of banking.

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The genius of the french


Identity is like love: the more we theorize about it, the less we know what
it is. And, generally, we discuss about it especially when we do not know
how to live it any more.

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A French scandal


In this beautiful country, we talk a lot about solidarity, we pride

ourselves of our “French social model”, but we do not really show solidarity.

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France is blue like an orange


What is happening now in France Telecom is very revealing of the evolution
of the French society, and in particular its attitude towards death.

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Taking the flu in aversion


Raymond Devos liked to raise the question about the difference between a
“good flu” and a “bad flu”. In doing so, as always, he pointed to the
importance in the use of words and their genealogy to understand their
meaning and define the action which they imply.