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Outcry against the « system »

Geopolitics, Society

The French electoral campaign, like several that have preceded it in Great Britain, the United States and the Netherlands, along with future campaigns in other countries, provides the opportunity for a large number of candidates to speak out against «…

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Cannes, Netflix and our future

Art and Culture

This is a real ‘first’ in the history of the Cannes Film Festival that recognizes the added value of audiovisual creations dedicated to distribution channels other than the big screen; in particular, the Cannes Festival is interested in TV series,…

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Voting or becoming yourself?


For a long time now, I have explained that it was necessary to look after oneself and not expect anything further from politicians, I am tempted to not attach any importance to the upcoming presidential elections, no more importance than…

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Shame on you!!!


Having participated actively in all the French presidential elections for forty years now, I never expected to one day witness such an ill-fated campaign as the one in which our country is sinking into today. It makes me cry with…

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Elections Carnival


While in France the electoral campaign is in danger of becoming a carnival, with its hypocrisy and fake job positions, in all countries imbued with Christianity festivals bearing that name are starting, those inherited from the Greek Dionysus’ festivities and…

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The media, Marine Le Pen’s objective allies?


The media in all democratic nations need to accept a reality that is hard to say, and yet consciously or unconsciously, they experience this phenomenon on a day-to-day basis: in all democracies, the media, and specially the most respectable and…

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Cease fire!


In total confidentiality, a critical bill is in the process of becoming law, with the agreement of the political Left and Right; an extraordinarily dangerous bill, which amends police shooting legislation in France. This way of proceeding was particularly untimely,…