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Increasingly unique, increasingly uniform


Listen to this article :   Sometimes, seemingly unrelated issues bring us back to fundamental common concerns, to invariant structures of our societies and their dynamics. For example, the debate on name change and the debate on NFTs, so far…

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The month of all dangers


Listen to this article :   If we want to understand a geopolitical situation, and predict its evolution, we must first make the assumption that all the actors have good reasons to act as they do. In particular, in order…

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In praise of solitude: being your own.


Listen to this article :    In a groundbreaking book published in 1929 (“A Room of One’s Own“), the British writer Virginia Woolf showed that what had most hindered the development of women’s literature in Britain was the fact that…

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Prospective, Society

Listen to this article :   A recent successful film (Don’t Look up) tells what would happen if American political leaders were confronted with the imminent threat of a meteorite that could destroy the planet. Having worked on this subject…

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Coronavirus, Society

I was once told (but I cannot swear to the authenticity of the anecdote) that, in the late 1930s, in certain circles of the French bourgeoisie, on the invitation cards for a lunch, a party, or an exhibition opening, the…

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Who can best embody Europe?

Art and Culture

Listen to this article :    The European Central Bank has just announced its intention to issue new banknotes, this time representing natural persons, “so that they speak to Europeans of all ages and backgrounds”. To choose the banknotes, the…

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The Ballroom

Prospective, Society

Listen to this article :   Imagine a beautiful ballroom where very happy people, boys and girls, are having fun, dancing and eating at a magnificent buffet; the music is very lively; everyone is imagining plans for the end of…

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The infernal spiral


Listen to this article : The proposals of certain right-wing primary candidates, and those of the far-right candidates, on immigration are increasingly dangerous for democracy. By proposing, in a mad bidding war, to withdraw from certain foreigners, if not all,…