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You are on your own!


One would think that, on this day of Government reshuffle, too long heralded and overdue, I would explain, once again, what I expect from a possible new government…

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Have they all gone crazy?


Sometimes, I ask myself whether it is possible to be right though it means dismissing everybody else’s opinion. Or whether one must surrender to the idea that unanimity must prevail. However, in the light of what is happening at the moment in Ukraine, I feel reinforced in my initial intuition, expressed here: it is crazy, for the West, to turn the Crimean problem into an opportunity for confrontation with Russia…

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The need for heroism


If there is a rare quality and needed more than ever in politics, it is heroism, extreme form of sacrifice of self-interest and personal gain, in the service to others. Absolute sign of altruism…

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One million candidates


Nearly a million French men and women (nearly one out of every fifty adults) will be standing in the upcoming municipal elections. And they include, for the first time, women and men in almost equal numbers. This number is huge and warrants further attention. It is a treasure which must be protected…

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Vote wisely


As the drum beats roll on in Ukraine, on the South China seas, and in many other parts of the world, French politicians, for a majority, are returning to their lands, to boast about their accomplishments…

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Dangerous game


Nobody can regret the departure of a president who had shown his willingness to shoot protesters, and that of another, who had brought back to life the most hostile laws against women on record in his country…