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War and Truth


Listen to this article :   If a world war is defined by the confrontation of two armies, bringing together soldiers and armaments from most of the countries on the planet, the third world war started a long time ago….

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Arrogance and excellence

Prospective, Society

Listen to this article :   What will be left of tonight’s debate in five years? How will it have guided the French in their choices? In what way will it have spoken about the essential issues that the next…

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Why and for whom to vote?


Listen to this article :   On the eve of a major election, nothing is more important than to avoid being influenced by moodiness or last-minute incidents. What matters most is not whether a candidate is likeable or arrogant, but…

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In France, Marine Le Pen can be elected


Listen to this article :   Few people want to recognise that Emmanuel Macron’s re-election is far from a foregone conclusion, and that Marine Le Pen’s is perfectly possible. For at least four reasons: 1. No president has been re-elected…

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Why the transition to a war economy is urgent


When the pandemic began, I immediately called for our industrial apparatus to be transformed into a war economy, to produce the masks, respirators, medical and hospital equipment, and vaccines that were so cruelly lacking. We didn’t do it. And we…

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One debate, one mandate


Listen to this article :   As the presidential campaign draws to a close, criticism is pouring in from all quarters about the lack of serious debate between all the candidates, and almost everyone agrees that the candidate president is…

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Welcome to the Russians


In politics, as in any human activity, private or public, it is essential not to rely on immediate emotions, not to give in to a frenzy, to think carefully about the long-term consequences of all our decisions before taking them,…