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One debate, one mandate


Listen to this article :   As the presidential campaign draws to a close, criticism is pouring in from all quarters about the lack of serious debate between all the candidates, and almost everyone agrees that the candidate president is…

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Welcome to the Russians


In politics, as in any human activity, private or public, it is essential not to rely on immediate emotions, not to give in to a frenzy, to think carefully about the long-term consequences of all our decisions before taking them,…

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Avoiding the double apocalypse


Listen to this article :   Since 1988, in France, presidential campaigns have been shorter each time, and less nourished by programmatic content. And each time, we pay the price: a president elected without a programme, who cannot impose on…

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The real fight


Listen to this article :   For a dictatorship to last long, it must not only have the means of surveillance and terror. It must also be able to convince the people it enslaves that their future, in a regime…

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The Great Obscurantism


Don’t be fooled,” François Mitterrand liked to say, “the French far right is also on the right. Never has this cruel analysis, of which the history of France is full of examples, been better verified than in the last few…

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Who still has power in France?


Listen to this article :    For decades now, the French have been voting with lasers, not to bring to the presidency of the Republic someone to whom they really wish to entrust the power to act on their destiny,…

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On the confusion of minds


Listen to this article :   It is through the confusion of the meaning of words that the disorder of minds is established. It is through self-censorship that dictatorships begin. It is through the fear of enemies that the worst…

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Increasingly unique, increasingly uniform


Listen to this article :   Sometimes, seemingly unrelated issues bring us back to fundamental common concerns, to invariant structures of our societies and their dynamics. For example, the debate on name change and the debate on NFTs, so far…