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Democracy is in danger

Geopolitics, Society

There are many weak signals that prove democracy is in danger everywhere. In many African countries, the word “democracy” has become synonymous with “colonialism”, and many countries that claim to be democratic, such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, are…

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On Europe’s borders

Geopolitics, Society

The current migratory crisis and the Lampedusa tragedy should remind anyone who has forgotten one of the major, deliberate shortcomings of the European project: the stubborn refusal of the founding fathers to define borders, and to give themselves the means…

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Being ahead of the curve


According to certain sources, the US federal administration recently called a meeting of the heads of the country’s biggest companies to explain, in confidence, that when the war in Ukraine is over (and it will be, sooner or later), the…

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Being hungry, in France


Far too many French people go to bed hungry, then leave for school or work. Although much has been done to provide students with cheap meals, and to offer breakfasts in crèches, the cry of alarm launched by the president…

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When Africa is on the verge of suicide


Africa is going through a really tough time. After decades of hope in democracy, in the establishment of the rule of law, in peace, in the realization of the importance of continental unity, and in the reduction of poverty, all…

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Anti-Semitism, at the vanguard of barbarity


What is happening in France is very worrying, and not just for Jews. Anti-Semitism, whether cynically proclaimed by a few thugs (rappers in search of an audience, mediocre polemicists, talentless comedians), or cowardly assumed by certain leaders of supposedly democratic…

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Demographic communicating vessels

Geopolitics, Prospective

We all know the figures: the world’s population is expected to reach 9.8 billion by 2050, and even more if the recent trend towards lower school enrolment rates for girls continues. Most of this population will live in developing countries…