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Optimisms ?


Sometimes I have been blamed in this blog for turning into doomwatch mode.

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Cocaine crisis


The current financial crisis reminds us of the virtues and the dangers of the world we live in: it is increasingly a virtual world, that is to say the signs are more and more invasive, particularly in three domains: in music, the internet and finance.These three domains are also, and not by chance, privileged places where one finds the usage of a drug: cocaine.

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Despair at Twenty


It’s impossible not to hear the despair of youth today: Those pursuing their studies are lost in the complexity of the coursework, the dilapidation of the teaching facilities, the absence of scholarships and student housing.

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CPE : en sortir par le haut


Au lieu de précariser les emplois, il faut sécuriser le parcours des jeunes en leur fournissant une rémunération digne de ce nom.