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Well, then, dance now!


Dance says a lot about the lives of people. It is sheer utopia, by its very nature, since it aims to give the appearance that man can escape the law of gravity, at least for a short while. And it…

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“Wherever there will be nothing, read…”


« Wherever there will be nothing, read that I love you »… Has anyone ever written a more beautiful declaration of love, referring to the final sentence of Diderot’s letter to Sophie Volland, June 10, 1759, at the early stages…

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Should You Wake Up a Sleepwalker?


According to old beliefs waking a sleepwalker may kill them; at least make them insane. In fact, science tells us that the opposite is true: sleepwalking (somnambulism) is the result of the interruption of muscle paralysis that ought to accompany…

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Aleppo syndrome


The tragedy of Aleppo, as we witness the daily images and the increasing hellish conditions, is battering away at long-held beliefs that all geopolitical specialists have been keen to repeat for the past twenty years. Aleppo shows that the certainties…

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The French Are Left-Leaning…


…But they do not want to know. From the training for the unemployed to the democratization of the European Union and the construction of the Francophonie, all discourses given by leaders and political observers eruditely explained that France has moved…