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Red Lines


Ever since President Barack Obama announced in 2013 that he would not let the Syrian government use chemical weapons without a response because such act would be an unacceptable crossing of a “red line”, the expression became a political mainstay….

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Love, hate, neglect

Art et Culture

Professions that involve issuing prescriptions have always been essential. Indeed, these are the job of doctors, teachers, booksellers, museum guides, gallery owners, art critics – helping us choose what to read, what to see and what to hear. Today as…

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Leading a successful life, the only one we have


We can understand people whose primary demand is to have access to lifetime employment, out of fear of precarious work and its terrible elements. However, if we wanted to go further with this demand, we could dare to ask for…

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The Sea of all the battles.


Everyone remembers this expression, “the mother of all battles.” Saddam Hussein used it in January 1991, at the beginning of the first conflict against the West. It was also repeated in April 2003 when the second Gulf War began. Though…

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A few heterodox economic thoughts


There are too many concepts that appear to be unavoidable and insurmountable on the surface. As a result, these concepts are rarely questioned, except by some heterodox economists who are either dismayed or heretical; often talented and other times acting…

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Anti-everything and anything.


Nothing is more dangerous than confusing different concepts, and particularly those concepts that aim at showing what we are opposed to. Such confusion is generally a precursor for disorder and acts of violence. And today, we are often anti-everything and…

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Can art do anything against violence?

Art et Culture

The theory is likely to support the teaching that art softens proprieties. In principle, art represents civilization, beauty, serenity and benevolence. Moreover, in principle, nothing is more soothing than frequenting masterpieces of art. Furthermore, societies that reject art are particularly…

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Ultimate altruism: what about us?


There has not been a civilization, cosmogony, mythology, religion, monotheist or not, that is not based, in one way or another, on a story of sacrifice. This sacrifice is often related to either the life of the main hero, his…