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Is Gastronomy an Art?

Art and Culture

Yes, of course, it has all of the artistic characteristics; and that has actually been the case since the most ancient of times; though the word “gastronomy” is very recent (it is often attributed to a certain Joseph Berchoux, who…

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What will we call “art” tomorrow?

Art and Culture

The meaning of all words, in all languages, varies with time and place. As such, though everyone believes that they know the meaning of the word “art”, its meaning, however, fluctuates more so than any other word. On the one…

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For the love of art; and the art of love

Art and Culture

Not too long ago, a little less than three millennia, men and women were already living passionate love lives and their stories inspired works of art that are still admired today. More recently, less than a thousand years ago, people…

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Does a work of art have a gender?

Art and Culture

On January 7th, at the Opera di Firenze, the director Leo Muscato proposed a version of Carmen, the opera by Georges Bizet, in which the young gypsy heroine kills her rejected lover Don Jose with a pistol instead of being…

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How about playing with the stars?

Art and Culture

The emotions aroused by the concomitance of the deaths of a popular writer and a singer who was even more popular, showed the importance that each of us attaches to these two very different dimensions of culture: music and literature….