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Voting or becoming yourself?


For a long time now, I have explained that it was necessary to look after oneself and not expect anything further from politicians, I am tempted to not attach any importance to the upcoming presidential elections, no more importance than…

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Shame on you!!!


Having participated actively in all the French presidential elections for forty years now, I never expected to one day witness such an ill-fated campaign as the one in which our country is sinking into today. It makes me cry with…

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Elections Carnival


While in France the electoral campaign is in danger of becoming a carnival, with its hypocrisy and fake job positions, in all countries imbued with Christianity festivals bearing that name are starting, those inherited from the Greek Dionysus’ festivities and…

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The media, Marine Le Pen’s objective allies?


The media in all democratic nations need to accept a reality that is hard to say, and yet consciously or unconsciously, they experience this phenomenon on a day-to-day basis: in all democracies, the media, and specially the most respectable and…

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Cease fire!


In total confidentiality, a critical bill is in the process of becoming law, with the agreement of the political Left and Right; an extraordinarily dangerous bill, which amends police shooting legislation in France. This way of proceeding was particularly untimely,…

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Single currency, common currency or counterfeit currency


There is a pretty Eastern proverb which runs: “Follow the liar to the gate of his house.” This sensible recommendation is very useful both in private life and in public life. For instance, proposals from France’s far-right National Front (FN),…

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Geopolitics of retaliation


The Anglo-Saxons have, among other shortcomings, bequeathed by former times when they were all-powerful, the delusion of believing in their impunity. Whatever they do, it would never occur to them to think that others could use the same weapons; they…