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Does an artistic intelligence exist ?

Art and Culture

Artists feed themselves at all times on technological innovations; sometimes these are determinant and disrupt art. Especially when they come at the right time, like the apparently modest development in 1841, by the American painter John Goff Rand, of the…

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Judaism and Islam: Same fight for peace

Geopolitics, Society

Some recent events should remind to each person in good faith the absurdity of antijudaism and antisilamism nd their derivatives, anti-Zionism and hostility to the creation of a Palestinian State. They could even show that our civilisations’ future will play…

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Life is beautiful, but for whom ?


As many people, I can’t accept to see piddling anecdotes be treated with major subjects in the media and social networks without any hierarchy of importance. This isn’t a new phenomenon, but it’s accelerating. Major progress is made every day…

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Caring for others’ success

Positive Economy, Society

Under the pretext of a praiseworthy search for social justice, debates over taxation in France all too often mask a tendency, so peculiar to our country, which leads many people to want to punish those of their neighbors who get…

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The next financial crisis


Being optimistic does not mean problems do not exist, rather it is the belief that problems have a solution. Thus, for most of the challenges that the world is currently facing. All or most of them are immense. Solutions can…

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Remembering everything…


A very recent publication of a study by researchers from New York University and Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai from the same city published the results of an experiment in which rats were able to retrieve memories for…

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“Degagism” has only just begun


As we move forward towards the 4th and 14th of July, both symbolizing a revolution, and while we use this word today in completely different contexts, it might be a good time to reflect on what ensures a successful revolution…

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Let us stop talking about “environment”


The words we use on a daily basis go beyond the meaning they have today, and they continue to carry away their old meaning. It is, therefore, worthwhile to address the issue of the genealogy of words, which goes well…