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Old age is not a shipwreck, it is an unveiling


Old age is too often presented as a time when people are no longer themselves and sink into delusions that are best despised. Thus, when De Gaulle speaks, in the first volume of his War Memoirs, of Pétain’s “shipwreck” (“Old…

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Ending the praise of authoritarian regimes.


For years it had become fashionable in the main circles of influence in democratic countries, both intellectual and business, to praise authoritarian regimes. The former applauded the long-term vision of their leaders; the latter praised their economic efficiency and commercial…

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Enigmas of the universe, answers of humans.


Allow me, for once, to distance myself from current events, at least in appearance. Every day brings us new, shocking descriptions of what the universe is like at a few distances from us. In particular, every day the James Webb…

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What if we really care about future generations?


Not for a minute can you not hear a politician or a company director say with his hand on his heart that, naturally, he is only working in the interest of future generations, that he has only the environment in…

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Fighting terrorism, understanding subversion


If we could stop using words indiscriminately, democracy would be much better off. Thus, terrorism should be defined as the attempt to influence the course of events, outside a state of war, by the exercise of violence against civilians, known…

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The time to live


The debate on pensions is off to a bad start. Because we are focusing on the wrong questions and on outdated issues. Ever since pension systems were created (probably first for soldiers in the Roman army), a great many means…