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Serious business begins


Listen to this article : What will happen in the coming years between China and the United States? What consequences will this have on the rest of the world, and in particular on Europe? The question will soon become pervasive….

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After Afghanistan, who?

Geopolitics, Society

As Harold Macmillan said to Alec Douglas-Home in 1963 when he handed over his office at 10 Downing Street: “Our country is doing very well. And, as long as you don’t invade Afghanistan, you’ll be just fine too. Advice that…

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A summer on a gentle slope

Coronavirus, Geopolitics, Society

Listen to this article : What is happening in Afghanistan, and the tragedy that awaits those who remain trapped there after the departure of the Americans, should remind us of an obvious fact that is too often forgotten: any event,…

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Some holiday reading tips

Art and Culture

There are many ways to travel. And in these special times, when we have to give up the great expeditions, reading a good book is one of them. Whether it is a novel, a biography or an essay, a good…

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Accept the reality, and act quickly

Prospective, Society

Listen to this article:   The beginning of summer 2021 will go down in history as a turning point, just like the summer of 1936, when the Western democracies chose to distract themselves rather than rearm in the face of…

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Abstention is a vote like any other


Listen to this article :   A thousand explanations have been offered for the massive abstention of voters in the last regional elections in France. There has been talk of bugs in the distribution of the professions of faith; of…

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How do we do ?


Listen to this article :  Electrical and electronic draughtsman, qualified heat and surface treatment worker, vehicle mechanic and electronics technician, home help, domestic help, veterinary surgeon, carpenter, roofer, setter, surveyor, car bodyworker, miner, assembly line worker, building worker, dustman, road…