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Mask: What’s in a name?

Art and Culture, Coronavirus

All of life’s everyday objects have a story, a genealogy, a raison d’être; and nothing is more exciting than to tell that story. The story of the humble nail, the loud hammer, the subtle book, the obedient washing machine, the…

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Altruists By Choice or By Force

Coronavirus, Geopolitics, Society

The countries that best withstood the pandemic are those countries that best understood the selfish interest of altruism and had put it in practice. The leading countries are South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Because these countries understood that it is…

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There is Still Time Left

Coronavirus, Positive Economy, Society

During this period, all over the world, people are procrastinating, falling further into debt, and delaying as long as they can the economic and social collapse that will result from this pandemic. However, as is often the case, when we…