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The tide of the battle that is being played out for nearly two centuries between the economy and politics, between market forces and democracy, between capitalism and the state, is now turning in favor of the market, because it is global, to the detriment of democracy, locked within borders…

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The geopolitics of soccer


In this troubled world, the 20th FIFA World Cup final tournament could make some forget the massacres (in Iraq, in Syria, in Afghanistan and in Ukraine), unemployment, (in France and many other countries around the world), hunger (with more than one billion men, women and children going to bed hungry), the climate crisis happening around the world, and the loss of the meaning of life for nearly all human beings…

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Urbi et Orbi

Geopolitics, Society

Microsoft has just announced that its researchers have developed, after a decade of work, with the help of Microsoft’s Skype and Translator team, speech recognition software that can decode languages in real-time, called Skype Translator…

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Please, do not vote in favour of the National Front


It is not my intention in any way here to try to convince all those with nostalgia for collaborationism, all the unrepentant anti-Semites, all those who say they are anti-Muslim, and all those who cannot bear to come across a black or yellow person in a hospital or maternity home, not to vote for the National Front (FN)…

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The shameless right-wing…


Though it is true that the current president and his successive governments have not yet succeeded in saving the country: unemployment, during the past two years, has increased by 500,000, and public debt has grown by 150 billion dollars; the French external deficit has reached extreme levels…

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Forgotten youth


While clever arguments are being made as to whether young people should be paid much less, from France and elsewhere, to pursue dead-end jobs, it is not surprising that some of them have no faith in help from the State…