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Exile. External, internal


Two fundamental trends, apparently unrelated, combine today in France. On the one hand, a growing number of young French people, with or without degrees, leave the country.

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For a European passport


After the debate on the “red carpet” that Mr Cameron would like to roll out under the feet of French entrepreneurs and the submission of an application for the acquisition of the Belgian nationality by Bernard Arnault, and other similar debates in other countries, we are entering a very dangerous time for France and for Europe.

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One hundred billion


I love these naive and great questions, that all the children in the world insist on asking their parents and whose answer is almost impossible to express in simple, non-scientific terms. For example: « Why is the sky blue? » Or: « If God can do everything, can he decide that he does not exist »?

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All responsible


What is at stake for Peugeot in Aulnay goes well beyond the calling into question of the future of thousands of families: it says a lot about French society in all its dimensions. Because everyone bears a share of responsibility in this.

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Demographic convergence


The difference in demography between France and Germany is a crucial factor in explaining what is at stake in the crisis of the euro.

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Francois Hollande, proof by Europe


What a destiny! Behold this young man, who has been received in my office in October 1980 with his partner Segolene Royal, and offered his services to further the campaign of Francois Mitterrand, in any position, becomes President of the Republic.

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Since this « perspective » is the last one before the second round of the French presidential election, I must say to those who do me the honor of reading me what is my choice, inviting them to reflect on it before making their own.