Positive Economy

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Repeat Twice to Understand

Positive Economy, Prospective

Will it take a second wave of COVID-19 to sweep across Europe for us to finally understand that we are on the wrong track? I am not talking about the medical field here, which I will refrain from expressing an…

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There’s More to Life Than Just GDP

Positive Economy, Society

Among the thousands of matters that were overlooked and that are now coming to light because of the current situation, one such matter is or should be the major role that the voluntary sector and all other voluntary activities, whether…

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On a Powder Keg, Once Again

Geopolitics, Positive Economy, Society

The terrifying accident at the Russian weapons and ammunition warehouse in Achinsk, Russia, not far from Krasnoyarsk, is a grating metaphor of what is happening around the world. And, it is still perfectly avoidable: the accumulation of ammunition and weapons,…

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Hell is Also Other People

Positive Economy, Society

There is something pathetic about the battles we are engaged in, throughout Europe, to rightly participate in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and waste recycling. Meanwhile, elsewhere, coal and oil are shamelessly used, waste is thrown into the sea…