Positive Economy

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Urgently put in place a budgetary solidarity

Positive Economy

Globalization has caused a fundamental imbalance between the model of international governance established at the end of World War II and the markets, freed by globalization, and having acquired a completely disproportionate economic nuisance compared to that of States. It is, in this crisis, the fate of Europe which is at stake.

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Understand Germany

Positive Economy

For the fourth time since 1870, Germany domestic policy is at the heart of a serious crisis threatening the stability of Europe. For the fourth time, the reaction of the other Europeans, no matter if they oppose or adhere to Berlin’s diktat, could trigger a disaster.

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Japan, Madoff, Somalia

Positive Economy

Three words; two countries and a man, summarize what the world can become. Each one of them embodies a local reality today, which can become a dimension of the future of the entire planet.

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Before, and After

Positive Economy

I hope that we shall here authorize the columnist of l’Express to talk, for once, a bit about himself: I practice many professions at the same time, which feed on each other. Economist, banker, manager of an international institution, amateur conductor in my leisure time; these activities nourish my thinking as a writer and journalist…

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Si on parlait de la commission sur la croissance

Positive Economy

Et si on en parlait du rapport de la commission que je préside? Les premières réactions après la publication du rapport vendredi 15 octobre n’échappent pas a la tradition: chacun y voit ce qu’il veut y voir, sans se donner de lire plus que ce qui lui permet de conforter sa thèse…

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Rigor, of course

Positive Economy

The slip of the tongue of the Prime Minister, perhaps because of fatigue due to jet lag, is welcome. We cannot continue to refuse to recognize that rigor is needed, urgently. Our deficits are abyssal, those of the State and of Social Security, local authorities and other public services…