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One last drink, for the road


I so much wanted to be able to write that the G20 was a total success; I so much wanted to be able, like almost all the commentators, to unabashedly hail many the various tremendous efforts, so that no one will slam the door

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The G20, then what?


All is well: the major stock markets are on the rise; banks are explaining that public confidence is up again; the growth of business capital is going better than expected; enormous recovery plans have been put into place. Unfortunately, starting the day after the G20, we will come to understand that no accounts have truly been settled.

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The Moment of Truth

Positive Economy

The solvency ratios of insurers have become very fragile. The insurance sector is not globally regulated, a major natural disaster, a series of bank failures or nationalizations would set off the failure of insurers, which would be even less tolerable than that of the banks.

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Free For All?

Positive Economy

The editor-in-chief of Wired, Chris Anderson, asserts that with the internet, a new kind of non-paying model has developed that favors the economy of one’s own personal knowledge

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Word and deed

Positive Economy

To get through the current crisis, nations – like businesses – will have to completely recalibrate their organization.