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The G20, then what?


All is well: the major stock markets are on the rise; banks are explaining that public confidence is up again; the growth of business capital is going better than expected; enormous recovery plans have been put into place. Unfortunately, starting the day after the G20, we will come to understand that no accounts have truly been settled.

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The Moment of Truth

Positive Economy

The solvency ratios of insurers have become very fragile. The insurance sector is not globally regulated, a major natural disaster, a series of bank failures or nationalizations would set off the failure of insurers, which would be even less tolerable than that of the banks.

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Free For All?

Positive Economy

The editor-in-chief of Wired, Chris Anderson, asserts that with the internet, a new kind of non-paying model has developed that favors the economy of one’s own personal knowledge

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Word and deed

Positive Economy

To get through the current crisis, nations – like businesses – will have to completely recalibrate their organization.

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Une loi scandaleuse et ridicule (en)

Art and Culture

Cette loi vise à surveiller ceux qui téléchargent gratuitement de la musique ou des films, à leur envoyer une semonce, puis une amende, ou l’interdiction de l’accès à internet. Cette loi est absurde et scandaleuse.

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Do you know Twitter?

Positive Economy

Twitter permits the development of many different free applications which allow, for instance, automatic translation of messages from another language and the sending photos, videos, or music. And it’s a success: it is the same community growing the fastest on the internet.