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Positive Thinking


In today’s world, mostly everyone, whether yellow* or golden vests, cares only about themselves; each person thinks that everything is owed to him, that all vital things must be provided to him free of charge, that no one can deprive…

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Art, from one end of Europe to the other

Art et Culture

As we end the commemoration that marked one of the worst and stupidest barbaric acts in human history, whereby millions of people killed each other in the name of illusory differences, it is, nonetheless, not pointless to remember that Art,…

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Forestalling the third suicide attempt


As we finish commemorating Europe’s first suicide attempt during the modern era (there were others before, from the Hundred Years War to the Napoleonic wars, to the Thirty Years War), it is time to remember that this first World War…

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Rurality and technology


In France, there has not been a quinquennium that has not been poisoned by the question of fuel prices. The reason for this is clear, it is because we have pursued two contradictory objectives, albeit both are legitimate in their…

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Is Gastronomy an Art?

Art and Culture

Yes, of course, it has all of the artistic characteristics; and that has actually been the case since the most ancient of times; though the word “gastronomy” is very recent (it is often attributed to a certain Joseph Berchoux, who…

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The bells will toll soon in Rome


When the Italian government claims the right to decide its policy without obeying the bureaucrats from Brussels, it is applauded by all. However, it is not so simple: when someone is in debt, the power remains largely in his creditors’…

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The Return of Violence

Geopolitics, Society

Today, violence is everywhere. It can be found in all dimensions of society, and not only in France. Violence against homosexuals, journalists, teachers, politicians, and anyone who can make a little difference, or have a little bit of influence or…

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What mark can a President leave in History?


A President leaves a mark by the course of action that he takes, and/or by the way he handles the historical problems in which he is entangled by happenstance. In both cases, it is by constantly thinking about his legacy…