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2019, The Year of Truth


Truth as a condition to the survival of the world has never been greater. However, we are also, more than ever, swamped by fake news and lies. The most derisory anecdotes have become widespread and are readily commented on social…

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For a Positive 2019


It is not difficult to envision what could make 2019 a catastrophic year, whether it be in our personal lives or collectively for everyone. The global economy, which sits on debt pyramids, could collapse and plunge into a recession that…

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Capital, labor and the world


Today’s debates remind us of the obvious: if we want to quickly relieve the poorest out of their misery and reduce inequalities, which are on the rise today on a global scale, the only way is to take money from…

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Is virtuosity a necessary attribute of art?

Art et Culture

Today, virtuosity is not a required attribute for an artist. It was a different situation a century and a half ago. Nonetheless, whether from a painter or a sculptor, we accept approximation, awkwardness and hesitation. To be noted, classical music…

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What each of us must do


Of course, it is up to the President of the Republic to express himself and say what he intends to ask the government and Parliament to do in order to reconcile France. And much of it, perhaps the most essential…

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Where is the Left?


Today, the tragic situation in France has many causes. And many are responsible for it. In today’s government, as well as those of yesterday, which neither had been able to take full measure of the considerable distress and anger of…

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Is art an element of European identity?

Art et Culture

To those who doubt the relevance of the European project today, we can provide countless answers such as: Europeans are stronger together economically than they would be if they were to be divided. Similarly, Europeans would be stronger militarily, if…

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Extreme Urgency and Possible

Geopolitics, Society

When I happen to be simultaneously confronted with two seemingly unrelated problems, I begin by examining whether, by chance, one could be the solution for the other. And it works, more often than we think. This is particularly the case…