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Art and populism

Art et Culture

During these grey and troubled times, when so many populists have swept the globe in all areas, one could also worry about what this means for art. The protectionist decisions of President Trump and the European and Chinese retaliations are…

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Confess and all will be forgiven

Non classifié(e), Society

At first, a few tens of thousands of people, then later millions of people voluntarily entered into a community that wants to know everything about the private life of its members: each member voluntarily gives to this organization all the…

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The quadriplegic society

Non classifié(e), Prospective, Society

Having predicted and denounced for a long time the development, on a global scale, of what I called a “hyperclass,” cut off from the rest of the people (which themselves will be divided into “infranomads” forced to migrate to survive,…

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What about Africa?

Art et Culture

For too long, we have considered Africa as a type of art but not an objective of art. Until recently, exhibitions of African artwork were rarely concentrated in museums of colonial origin or so-called tribal art museums. No African artist…

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Blockchain and cost-free

Non classifié(e), Society

New technologies never happen by chance. They come together, one after the other, in a clear logical sequence. And one would have to be blind not to see it as such: liberating mankind from the most arduous tasks; giving him…

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We, Europeans, are alone.

Geopolitics, Non classifié(e)

When will we, Europeans, understand that we are alone? When will we draw the right conclusions? Considering what is being played out in Germany and Italy today, it should drive us to urgently search for the answers to these vital…