What would happen if the city of Nancy was being bombarded by rockets launched from Luxembourg? If suicide attacks had taken place in the streets of Paris? And if the countries bordering France did not even recognize its right to exist?

Why must it be that only the excessive violence of Israel is denounced and never the unlimited violence of its adversaries?

Why must it be that we use the word “massacre” to describe the collateral victims in the battles between Hamas and the IDF, and never to describe the massacres committed deliberately, voluntarily, in neighboring states?

Why must it be that it is the unjust occupation of the Palestinian terrorites by an Israel which must be denounced and never that of other neighbors in several bordering countries?

Why must it be that only the Palestinian refugees are pitied, so tragically expelled from their homes in 1948, and never the Jewish communities that had to abandon everything being expelled from every Arab country?

Why must it be that only deaths in this region make masses descend into the streets, and not all the victims of dictators in Latin America, Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, Northern Africa or the Middle East???