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Ethics or Exit


The case of Cyprus reminds us of a simple principle: in an area under the rule of law, there is no room for a community that does not comply with it. And as we cannot accept an area where rights are not respected in Marseille, likewise we cannot accept it in Cyprus either…

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The U.S. is bankrupt


One day, it will become necessary to thank the media and the Anglo-Saxon politicians, at the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century, for having talked so much about the euro crisis and the European integration difficulties…

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Nothing resembles 2013 more than 1913. That year, a period of extraordinary growth was greatly restricted by a financial crisis caused by the first economic power at the time (Great Britain)…

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Finance, Society

Rien ne ressemble plus à 2013 que 1913.
Cette année là, une formidable période de croissance butait sur une crise financière provoquée par la première puissance économique du moment (La Grande Bretagne)…

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Towards the shore or the high seas ?


There is a very fashionable scenario in Paris at the moment: why reform? The global financial crisis is almost over; the world is at the end of an economic cycle; growth will return soon everywhere and especially in the West; first in the United States and then in Europe…

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Fiscal suicide


Here’s a riddle: in what country are the richest 1% paying 41% of all the income taxes and where the richest 5% are paying more than 65%?

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Prepare for the worst, to avoid it


It’s about time in France, to prepare for the upcoming double shock of the banking crisis and the crisis of public finances. It is coming. It will be there soon. And no one gives a serious thought about the scenario of the worst-case; as if it was sufficient, to avert it, not to think about it.

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Pourquoi se priver ?


Rien n’est plus stupéfiant, en apparence, que l’euphorie qui s’empare de tous les marchés boursiers en cette fin d’année. La plupart des analystes sont d’accord pour dire que la crise financière est finie, que les marchés financiers sont sous-évalués…