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We, Europeans, are alone.

Geopolitics, Non classifié(e)

When will we, Europeans, understand that we are alone? When will we draw the right conclusions? Considering what is being played out in Germany and Italy today, it should drive us to urgently search for the answers to these vital…

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Red Lines


Ever since President Barack Obama announced in 2013 that he would not let the Syrian government use chemical weapons without a response because such act would be an unacceptable crossing of a “red line”, the expression became a political mainstay….

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The Sea of all the battles.


Everyone remembers this expression, “the mother of all battles.” Saddam Hussein used it in January 1991, at the beginning of the first conflict against the West. It was also repeated in April 2003 when the second Gulf War began. Though…

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How to become popular, without much effort

Geopolitics, Society

The Russian elections, similar to what occurred in the United States, China, Great Britain and elsewhere, show that the oldest political strategy recipes are still the most effective: In order to have the best chances to gain the support of…

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Please Do Not Forget the Drones

Geopolitics, Non classifié(e)

The new incident between Israel and its neighbours should remind all strategists, political leaders and elected representatives of the people, that the future of our defence and security will soon be disrupted by a new weapon. And there is too…

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To not deny ourselves the pleasure


All over the world, political leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, artists, intellectuals, journalists, find in France qualities they refused to concede to her less than a year ago. They’ve rediscovered that our country has strong institutions; and that a determined president, supported…

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The triangle of power

Geopolitics, Society

In the confusion of times, anywhere in the world, in either the richest countries or in the poorest ones, three society models at least are sharing the utopia. Each of these models comes into countless variants and sometimes all three…