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Judaism and Islam: Same fight for peace

Geopolitics, Society

Some recent events should remind to each person in good faith the absurdity of antijudaism and antisilamism nd their derivatives, anti-Zionism and hostility to the creation of a Palestinian State. They could even show that our civilisations’ future will play…

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Le Havre, Paris, and Entrepreneurship


At the moment we are celebrating the 500th anniversary of Francis I’s decision to create the Port of Le Havre. At the time, the Port of Rouen, one of Europe’s centers of textile trade, was not big enough to cope…

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Outcry against the « system »

Geopolitics, Society

The French electoral campaign, like several that have preceded it in Great Britain, the United States and the Netherlands, along with future campaigns in other countries, provides the opportunity for a large number of candidates to speak out against «…

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The media, Marine Le Pen’s objective allies?


The media in all democratic nations need to accept a reality that is hard to say, and yet consciously or unconsciously, they experience this phenomenon on a day-to-day basis: in all democracies, the media, and specially the most respectable and…

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Geopolitics of retaliation


The Anglo-Saxons have, among other shortcomings, bequeathed by former times when they were all-powerful, the delusion of believing in their impunity. Whatever they do, it would never occur to them to think that others could use the same weapons; they…

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Winter Incidents


North America, like Europe and part of Asia, are again plunged into a harsh winter. That should be a reminder that, if the drought is what we fear the most, global warming does not mean the end of winter, but…

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Are great speeches always on January 17?


History is never fair and does not always reward good people. It is always efficient and always punishes the weak. That is the lesson that could be drawn with regard to the ending terms of office of two Presidents, in…