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What purpose does The Fourteenth of July serve ?

Art and Culture

When a holiday takes hold in the national landscape, no one can imagine that it could disappear one day from the calendar. This is obviously the case in particular for The Fourteenth of July, an occasion for fun, patriotism and celebration for more than two centuries,…

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Un monde sur pilotis

Art and Culture

It is a magical place, East of Myanmar (formerly Burma), 700 kilometers (434 miles) north of Yangon (formerly Rangoon) in the Shan mountains, close to China and Laos: Inle Lake. Its rescue is urgent, and it symbolizes the rescue of our planet.

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The prison of light

Art and Culture

Men obviously do not like prisons; or anything that can limit their lives. They do not like boundaries or constraints imposed on them by the brevity of their lives, or those imposed on them by physics. So, all the human adventure is made of escape attempts: thus, man lives longer and longer, knows the entire globe, learned how to fly, and explores the universe.

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Garden of Eden

Art and Culture

Should we talk about the rare places we’ve loved, at the risk of seing them invaded by a horde of tourists? This is to be case with some places that I had the privilege to cross: from the Band-e Amir lakes in Afghanistan to Easter Island, by way of the Bhutan’s valleys, Lao’s forests and some others.