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The tyranny of transparency

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Vint Cerf, the « Internet’s father », just caused a scandal by recalling, with hard-hitting words, the consequences of the dictatorship of transparency, given some of the current trends in the new social networking platforms. For him, the right to privacy may eventually prove to be a parenthesis in human history…

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What purpose does The Fourteenth of July serve ?

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When a holiday takes hold in the national landscape, no one can imagine that it could disappear one day from the calendar. This is obviously the case in particular for The Fourteenth of July, an occasion for fun, patriotism and celebration for more than two centuries,…

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Un monde sur pilotis

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It is a magical place, East of Myanmar (formerly Burma), 700 kilometers (434 miles) north of Yangon (formerly Rangoon) in the Shan mountains, close to China and Laos: Inle Lake. Its rescue is urgent, and it symbolizes the rescue of our planet.