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For a Positive Democracy


The pathetic Brexit debate in the British Parliament, (blocked between three contradictory choices, and no majority support for any of the three) reminds us that situations can arise where the preferences of individuals may be rational, but the collective preferences…

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For A Democracy of Humility and Respect


During these times of turmoil and disorder, a time period marked by democratic governments being challenged, attacked, vilified and overthrown, it has become easy to issue an indictment against democracy, and particularly the manner in which it is carried out,…

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For Every Problem, One Single Solution: My Own


In every country and in every social circle, everyone is in involved in discussions related to a myriad of problems, which include: the climate, unemployment, terrorism, injustice, health, education, retirement pensions, culture and national identity. Moreover, in every country and…

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2019, The Year of Truth


Truth as a condition to the survival of the world has never been greater. However, we are also, more than ever, swamped by fake news and lies. The most derisory anecdotes have become widespread and are readily commented on social…

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For a Positive 2019


It is not difficult to envision what could make 2019 a catastrophic year, whether it be in our personal lives or collectively for everyone. The global economy, which sits on debt pyramids, could collapse and plunge into a recession that…

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Capital, labor and the world


Today’s debates remind us of the obvious: if we want to quickly relieve the poorest out of their misery and reduce inequalities, which are on the rise today on a global scale, the only way is to take money from…

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Is virtuosity a necessary attribute of art?

Art et Culture

Today, virtuosity is not a required attribute for an artist. It was a different situation a century and a half ago. Nonetheless, whether from a painter or a sculptor, we accept approximation, awkwardness and hesitation. To be noted, classical music…