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How to become popular, without much effort

Geopolitics, Society

The Russian elections, similar to what occurred in the United States, China, Great Britain and elsewhere, show that the oldest political strategy recipes are still the most effective: In order to have the best chances to gain the support of…

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Should the Mona Lisa be moved?

Art et Culture, Society

The recent suggestion to send the Mona Lisa to the Louvre-Lens Museum for a temporary exhibition poses a fascinating question. For some, the great masterpieces of art, including this iconic work, must be moved to a location where there is…

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When anger becomes rage.


Every day, every minute, everywhere in the world, the media and social networks bring forth new evidence of rising anger; and often for justifiable reasons: misery of the most vulnerable; frustration of the youth; hopelessness of the unemployed; suffering of…

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Ending paritarism


Among the achievements of the French Resistance was the idea that trade unions should participate, in an advisory manner, in management in the arena of public service, and that they should ensure the management of social security. Since then, little…

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What will we call “art” tomorrow?

Art and Culture

The meaning of all words, in all languages, varies with time and place. As such, though everyone believes that they know the meaning of the word “art”, its meaning, however, fluctuates more so than any other word. On the one…

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For the love of art; and the art of love

Art and Culture

Not too long ago, a little less than three millennia, men and women were already living passionate love lives and their stories inspired works of art that are still admired today. More recently, less than a thousand years ago, people…

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Please Do Not Forget the Drones

Geopolitics, Non classifié(e)

The new incident between Israel and its neighbours should remind all strategists, political leaders and elected representatives of the people, that the future of our defence and security will soon be disrupted by a new weapon. And there is too…