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What can we expect from 2013?

Positive Economy

It is just much easier to forecast good news than bad ones; for good news occurs rarely by chance and is most often the result of long efforts; even if in general we cannot give any indication as to the date of their occurrence. It is generally known well in advance when a fortunate development will occur…

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Le projet 4F

Positive Economy

Dans ce monde troublé, où chacun a besoin d’un cap, la France est, plus que beaucoup d’autres pays, en mal d’elle-même. Qu’est-elle ? Une nation en déclin ? Une province d’Europe ? Que veut-elle devenir ? Un musée ? Une grande puissance ?..

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The three keys to the future


In order to understand where a nation is going, economic projections are generally used, those of the GDP essentially, and much uncertainty exists as to its likely value. Many other parameters will tell more about the future of a country than just virtual statistics…

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Cease fire !

Positive Economy

There is no democracy normally constituted, in which politicians would make false promises to workers employed in companies with no future; and yet this is the case, all too often, in France; particularly with Florange…

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Nationalizing the State

Positive Economy

Before threatening to nationalize private firms, politicians should start by nationalizing the state; that is to say to subordinate it to the vested interests of the Nation and not to their political and media ambitions…

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The society of connivance


While public debates in all the official European palaces focus on the impossible management of the public debt, whose moratorium we shall have to consider daring to organize one day, lenders, are increasingly interested in another issue: the labor market…